Tannoy speakers and Naim

I know there are a few here that love’em
I was recommended some Cheviot or Turnberry to go with my NAP110. The recommendation was a very trustworthy source but just wanted to see what the forum has to say.

By the way I have gone back to using NACA5 speaker cable

Given the efficiency and the possibility of tuning, looks absolutely fine to me and they fit the domestic requirements of our living room, but I did get a :roll_eyes: when I showed a photo to my wife :joy:

I’d say yes and no in terms of matching as always since many parameters can make it or break it. I’ve had Turneberry GR which plays big and wide with a big warm wonderful bottom end but went back to Eaton Legacy. I do not find TB GR suitable in smallish rooms due to this and I’m sure same goes for Cheviot. The bigger tannoys play big and their sensitivity can also be a challenge with naim since naim is rather hot on the volume. I have no issues with my Eaton Legacy in my smallish room with 89dB that also cuts of around 10hz earlier than Turnberry GR (93dB).

I do love the presentation Tannoy give though, or maybe more so the specific speaker design. I would also propose look into the new Fyne Vintage series. I believe Fyne as a company much better stand of for their customers. I had huge huge customer support issues with Tannoy/Music tribe and will not buy Tannoy again due to this. So if going Tannoy, make sure you have a dealer with connections into Tannoy otherwise you are left on your own. Music tribe is a horrible owner to Tannoy. Tannoy deserve better.

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Thanks for that Slamdam :joy:, that is exactly the response I was looking for.

My room is largish at 5.17m x 4.25 x 2.4m, which I communicated to the person who recommended them. The room has quite some glazing as well

The Turnberry though looks to be quite a good ex dem price but my wife hates the look of them

I believe that size of the room will fit both those speakers like a glove. The Turnberrys are love or hate I guess. They are more like a piece of furniture than a traditional speaker. Personally I think they are beautiful and pictures don’t make them justice. But, the 12" on the Cheviot Legacy are eye candy too. I recommended getting them up on Gaia feet if so. Those add better low end control. I’m bit amazed the Tannoys don’t get more love in the UK.

The Fyne Vintage series are such beauties too. Pic credit hifilars (instagram)


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Oh the latest Stirlings with Alnicos :slight_smile: You’re not able to share a few pics? :slight_smile:

I would have a classic design Tannoy or Fyne, but they don’t do an oak finish!

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