Taping from Naim

I wonder how many folk have gone the following route. “I need amplification” (Naim); “I need a source” (Linn, pre-CD days); “I want to record” (Nakamichi). It is very familiar to me.

Here’s a photograph of a little back up system. Amps are NAC 112/NAP 200. The (fully functioning) tape deck is a Nakamichi DR3. It sounds lovely through (out of picture) a pair of very old ATC SCM 20 speakers The little box on top is a portable Roland digital recorder, great when you don’t want to set up mics etc. CD player ATC CD2. It’s all

great fun!

love to everyone, Stevie xx


Perhaps @Richard.Dane can advise he has many cassette decks in many combo’s over the years


Actually doing some recordings right now


Yup, recording is fun. I still record to tape - cassette and reel to reel - but most recording these days I do from analogue sources (reel tape and 45rpm 12" singles) to hi-res digital file. My favourite digital recorders are the Marantz PMD661 and PMD671, and the Sony PCM-D50 (I upgraded to a D100 but came back to the D50 as I preferred the playback sound quality - go figure!). The PMD671 I particularly like, not just because it performs really well, but also because it connects and operates just like a pro portable cassette deck.


I love recording still, i guess it takes me back to sunday nights and the top 40.
Tape can still sound good with the right gear. I personally like the dynamics the elcaset has just a shame it died before it could get going.
But the elcaset is easily the best recording cassette tape i have had the pleasure to use

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Never tried digital tape recording, but i guess its just as much fun.
How would you describe the out come when you record vinyl to digital tape and compare?

Is it just a copy, or do you feel it cleans up the sound slightly? Be interested to here what you think.
Cheers dunc

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When recorded at 24bit 96kHz the recording holds up surprisingly well. Losses are pretty small and subtle. I don’t clean up my digital recordings or subject them to any post recording processes - do that and you definitely lose something, so best left be, with chopping into individual tracks being all that’s needed.


Another recorder here. NOS Chord Chrysalis 4 RCA - DIN between my 282 and TEAC digital recorder.

If you have many hifis in the house and a vinyl collection, this is really a must for accessing all your music throughout the home.


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