Taping from Naim

I wonder how many folk have gone the following route. “I need amplification” (Naim); “I need a source” (Linn, pre-CD days); “I want to record” (Nakamichi). It is very familiar to me.

Here’s a photograph of a little back up system. Amps are NAC 112/NAP 200. The (fully functioning) tape deck is a Nakamichi DR3. It sounds lovely through (out of picture) a pair of very old ATC SCM 20 speakers The little box on top is a portable Roland digital recorder, great when you don’t want to set up mics etc. CD player ATC CD2. It’s all

great fun!

love to everyone, Stevie xx


Perhaps @Richard.Dane can advise he has many cassette decks in many combo’s over the years


Actually doing some recordings right now


Yup, recording is fun. I still record to tape - cassette and reel to reel - but most recording these days I do from analogue sources (reel tape and 45rpm 12" singles) to hi-res digital file. My favourite digital recorders are the Marantz PMD661 and PMD671, and the Sony PCM-D50 (I upgraded to a D100 but came back to the D50 as I preferred the playback sound quality - go figure!). The PMD671 I particularly like, not just because it performs really well, but also because it connects and operates just like a pro portable cassette deck.


I love recording still, i guess it takes me back to sunday nights and the top 40.
Tape can still sound good with the right gear. I personally like the dynamics the elcaset has just a shame it died before it could get going.
But the elcaset is easily the best recording cassette tape i have had the pleasure to use

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Never tried digital tape recording, but i guess its just as much fun.
How would you describe the out come when you record vinyl to digital tape and compare?

Is it just a copy, or do you feel it cleans up the sound slightly? Be interested to here what you think.
Cheers dunc

When recorded at 24bit 96kHz the recording holds up surprisingly well. Losses are pretty small and subtle. I don’t clean up my digital recordings or subject them to any post recording processes - do that and you definitely lose something, so best left be, with chopping into individual tracks being all that’s needed.


Another recorder here. NOS Chord Chrysalis 4 RCA - DIN between my 282 and TEAC digital recorder.

If you have many hifis in the house and a vinyl collection, this is really a must for accessing all your music throughout the home.