TCP-IP ports for Unitiqute to use Windows 10 Cast to Device

I recently replaced my boot SSD and reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch.

I’ve got most of the ports set up now in Windows Firewall and local host firewalls for various media streaming software applications I use: Asset on WinX, minidlna and plexmediserver on Pi. Also SSDP is running. The Qute is seen in Device Manager and Devices and Printers.

I can’t however get the Cast To Device to cast to my Unitiqute using the right click context menu.
It sticks at

“Please Wait: Contacting Network Device.”

What ports do the Unitiqute /‘Windows Cast To’" use? Perhaps there is something else hindering casting?

The normal recommendation in such a circumstance on a home network is to temporarily put the firewall in transparent mode, and then see what ports your application it is using… then lock it down…however that is assuming it’s firewall related.

Also make sure you are not blocking multicast anywhere, as SSDP usually uses it. Also if you still have problems, best to disable IGMP snooping on your network devices, until resolved. Removes another variable. Do remember to put back once resolved however.

Thanks Simon.
I thought I’d replied but I included the show config output and there’s a banner at the bottom which must have been there all weekend saying the post is still saving. I guess the config is too long.

The PC firewall isn’t blocking the Cast to.
I think I may have messed up the QoS config on my 8 port ws2960g before I rebuilt my OS drive.

The QOS config sort of self-populated when I typed on command but when I entered the corresponding 'no ’ command the QOS table remains. I can’t see that blocking the Cast To.

There’s only the one (default) Vlan as I’ve only my desktop, the Qute, a Pi and an Ubuntu Mate ex chromebook and the ISP gateway. All but the laptop on which I haven’t got the sound to work yet probably due to a missing firmware blob are used to stream to or from, so is it really worth setting up a Vlan for music?

I haven’t disabled multicast or IGMP snooping, but I can’t recall enabling it either (in case it is not enabled by default)
I use the ‘Cast To:’ quite often, usually for QA of newly bought albums, when I’m sitting at the desktop or - like now - if I’m doing a big sort and tag.

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