Technics 1200G

Hallo. Anyone use one of these? I’m looking for my end game TT - pricewise it’s on a par with the Linn Majik but I know that’s a pretty sensitive TT although I hear there is more detail in the playback to be had here.
There’s a deal to be had with a 2M Black so I could use the phono stage in my SN3.

Thanks all!

Yep, I own one! But didn’t audition it against any form of LP12 (or Rega). I auditioned against Gyrodec SE&Technoarm, and an Origin Live Aurora&Encounter - all with the same DV10x5, and through my Naim XS3 and Neat SX3 speakers.

I posted about it on a few threads, but the main one is here

TL:DR - all three decks sounded great, in different ways, I could live with each SQ wise, but only one was really easy & fun to use.


Very happy to answer any questions you have :slight_smile:

I have the GAE myself. I haven’t compared that against the LP12 directly, but it’s in another league to my PE 1010 mk2. That in turn was on par with, or even slightly preferred over, the LP12. But I should note, I only compared to the cheapest spec at that time, the one with the project arm.

If that’s the Majik, I would expect it to be soundly beaten by a 1200G.

Thanks gthack - a very considered and what reads like quite an agonising decision. I like both guitars and beats - sounds like the 1200 prefers the latter?

I think I’d put it that the Technics does beats better than the others. Not that guitars are worse. The 1200G does guitar too.

The audition was really key though - they swapped places often, and in the end I realised it was the experience of using the deck that sold the Technics. The SQ differences were hard to unequivocally order. I am also a child of 80/90s clubs, so the history had an influence. I’d see if you can listen to an Origin Live, the Encounter arm is spectacular looking, and I think the arm plus captive arm cabling might see off the Technics if absolute levels of detail are your thing. It was so close for me though.

Can you audition? Despite it being a difficult choice, the process was fun, spending c. £4k on a turntable should be enjoyable :slight_smile:

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I’ve asked the same question elsewhere, opinion seems to be that the Technics is an excellent deck, very detailed and very efficient at extracting the information from the vinyl. Will kind of depend on whether that appeals and you like the looks & functionality. I decided LP12.

You can get better spec than Majik for Majik money, if you talk to Dealers. Cymbiosis have some good ex demo stuff at the moment.


I have heard a Majik and it sounded good but the tracking seemed very delicate - the arm seemed really sensitive!

I have a good price on a SL1200 trading in my PriJect X1 so pretty much there tbh.

I do love the look of the SL1200 - it’s pretty iconic.

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I’ve been using a 1200SL Mk2 for 4 years….excellent bit of kit….
I’ve had an LP12 and Fons CQ30……Dual 731Q……AR1… Golding GL75 over the years and the Technics is the best …

Very easy to set up, no endless messing about and tweaking, rock solid build & very heavy, Wow, Flutter & Rumble as good as and better than most and the DD motor is indestructible……

Not a turntable for ‘Brand Snobbery’……ie my bank account’s bigger than yours, but a fine product that has stood the test of time and usage ….


I bit the bullet and picked up my SL1200 on Saturday. Sounds excellent and looks fantastic. Well happy :smiley:


Awesome! Did you pick it up with the 2M Black as well?

Indeed I did. It was on offer - 50% off with the deck :grin: