Technics or Clearaudio?

Hi there!

As I downsized again, to Atom and Nova, wanna have your opinion in this 2 turntables:

Technics SL-1500C
Clearaudio Concept Active

Worth the difference in price?

PS: Naim sound is just so addictive… coming back always, from Luxman, McIntosh, Mastersound… bravo!


I have no experience or knowledge of the Techy but the Clearaudio I’ve heard and is very good indeed.

I’d also take a look at the Rega 6 and 8. Buy British and all that.

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I enjoy a ClearAudio Active into my Nova. Must admit I did not try or compare in advance… but am very happy with the performance. Noticeably improved by the external battery power supply, but was lovely as purchased. Plus it looks good as a combo imho.


Atom with Rega P6 here


I’ve been underwhelmed by Clearaudio TTs … just my 2 cents worth

I enjoy Clearaudio with my Nova

A lot will depend on the phone stage used - mine is a Graham Slee Reflex


It looks very smart, sitting there in its own terrarium.

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thanks guys, don’t wanna add phono preamp etc… keep it simple and enjoyable.

hahahaha LoL.


You will have to unless you buy a TT with a built in phono stage, which is the Clearaudio Active or I believe some Technics have a built in phono stage,

The Nova and Atom don’t have phono stages built in.

Exactly so: the built in phono stage in the Clearaudio Active has a few user-adjustable settings for lo/hi gain, suitable for MM/MC, and is definitely its own part of the product development. I watched a cool YouTube video interview with the electrical engineer talking about the new design (constrained by the space and a decision to go with a 12V supply). The external battery power supply improves the motor (lower noise, I suppose… and maybe better stability) but also the phono stage on the Active - two benefits for one upgrade. I use the standard MM that came in the package. It was as easy to set up as the Rega turntables: very well aligned at factory, plus a clear set of instructions and tools (mainly the bubble level and a stylus tracking force indicator). Highly recommended (and not just because I bought one, haha!)


I own both…somewhat. I have the Clearaudio Concept (with Satisfy tonearm), though not active. I also own the SL-1500C. I cannot comment on the ‘Active’, but I have to assume performance-wise it will be very much like the non-active version, phono notwithstanding. It is a great deck.
The Technics is also a great 'table, and the internal MM phono is surprisingly good. Both are simply much better than their ‘beginner’ status gives credit to. They do sound different, though; that’s what you get between belt-driven versus direct-drive, so no mystery there. As has been stated, an external PSU on the Clearaudio should bring about an improvement. I typically have found this to be true of any TT I’ve owned, but it is a substantial added cost.
The thing about the Technics is it truly is a set-it-and-forget-it turntable. Very straightforward and ‘untweakable’, which for some brings a lot of peace of mind. I love it. Here’s mine taking a break in the corner on its wall shelf.


can You tell us more bout difference in sound? thanks!

very helpful! thanks!

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