Technics turntables

Those with Technics turntables.
Do you leave them on or turn off when not in use?

Short answer … off.

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If I left it on I would miss the joy of slowly turning the very high quality soft touch switch to the on position. It is lovely.

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My 1210 is powered by an MCRU / LDA PSU and so I just leave it on as it bypasses the 1210’s own on / off button and so unless I get down on my hands and knees and switch PSU of at the back it stays on.

My SP 15 with EPA 501E tonearm gets turned off after each use.


A turntable need a cartridge. The cables at the side of the turntable are for the Ortofon MCA76 MC stepup transformer.


Very nice👍🏽

I see you have a weight on your turntable.
Can a clamp rather than a weight be used on the SL1200G?
I have heard that the pull on the spindle doesn’t do the bearing any good with clamp. I would only use the clamp for really warped vinyl (Haven’t many & they’re not too bad just slight) if it could be used.

Very nice, please tell us more as your TT looks heavily adapted

Best wishes

Techy 1200, SME M2.9arm, MCRU 2 box PSU, MIke New bearing, Isonoe feet, strobe disable mod



SP 15 TT sitting on 2"acrylic base with 5 cork feet (base).
I use the clamp on the top of the records because it has a small level bubble on the center so I can tell how warped the record may be. I store all my vinyls flat (never on their side !!) to avoid warps.
The tonearm is a EPA 501E, very low weight, nearly perfectly matched to the cartridge spring compliance. The Ortofon MCA 76 and MC-20 Super to a McIntosh MX 130 preamp, then to a MC 2500. Esoteric CD player, ADC parametric equalizer. Home made speakers, cables, etc…!
thumbnail1|400x300 On top of it all my NAIM Infinitiserve with its dedicated screen, keyboard and mouse, they feed through a Parasound D-AC 1000 converter to the MX 130.

You´d rather decide for a (light) clamp than a weight because an additional weight has a negative influence on the control loop of the motor units PSU.

SP-15, SP-10 MK II and in former times SL-1210 as well as SL-110 on my side - always off after use

Thank you all

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