Tellurium Q Silver Diamond

I haven’t personally tried Wireworld speaker cables but I have used… and still do, their Optical and power cables. I’ve been very impressed with the quality. Their SuperNova 7 Optical is really good and their build quality means I’m considering them for some BNC cables for the M Scaler.

If a free demo was available I’d certainly take a listen to them.

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My experience of the Chord Epic was that it was too bass heavy, in retrospect in a way that totally dominated the sonics. Now I use 2 x 6m TQ Silver II - these provise a very neutral, dynamic, realistic and detailed sound. All things are relative, but looking at the price of TQ Silver Diamond, I cannot imagine using this unless I had the truly ultimate system and I had unlimited funds.


Same experience after I switched from the Epic to Signature XL.

When I first bought the Epic and lived with it for about 2 years, I was happy with the amount of bass I was getting. I thought it was an overall upgrade over NACA5. When I got the Signature XL into the system I then realised I was actually getting higher levels of colouration with the Epic.

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I do not doubt it to be as you claim, but the truth is that my experience with him has never been good: the two times I have contacted him, not only because of the subject of Chord cables, but also interested in other devices under their distribution, I have only found delays in the response and evasive.


Unfortunately, it’s not.

I just use the lowly TQ black speaker cable
I find it a much better option than the A5 naim cable I was using
But so it should at the price difference

Often wondered what more expensive TQ would bring to the party…but as others have said …you have to balance your system and mine cannot justify expensive cables


Shame… I wouldn’t be taking a punt on it without listening to it on my own system for sure. I would with TQ but again, only up to Silver Ultra I think after which, I would want a demo.

Nothing wrong at all with TQ Black. I had it for 5 years before I changed to TQ Silver II and loved it.

It depends on what type of sound you’re looking for… as well as system when you pick out a TQ speaker cable. If you’re into transparency then the Silver. If you like warmer… or the system is already bright, go for blue and if it’s somewhere in the Middle, Black.

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Actually this, our main system, is, by principle and by conviction, our truly ultimate system; and, though we haven’t unlimited funds, even if we were hit by a big lottery, this system would still be a truly ultimate one.

With 4 more complementary systems, this is the main one, and the one that has basically been more complicated to configure, mainly because of the high weight that room modes induce in a room that has been complicated since the beginning. It also influences, of course, the fact that the other systems tend to have a less demanding use and more of background listen, while this one is required more, especially in terms of critical listen and ‘as a reference’ system.

Yes, I clearly perceive the Epic Performance’s colouring, and, as they settle, so do the range of additional nuances that SD TQs introduce into the SQ, which is becoming more compelling.

The truth is SQ was very good with the Epic Reference, and is already spectacular with the TQ SD. I guess it takes a bit to get used to the new sound nuances, and I conce that the room modes, just towards the bright part, are not easy. That’s why I’ve been able to home demo the additional TQ cables in the Black Diamond series, so I can see if they end up introducing those incremental nuances that we would like and making a final decision, which, at this point, would basically be or leave it as is or introduce the compensation of the TQ Black Diamonds with the power and interconnect leads. So far my journey, because the CD player, without being Hi End, sounds more than reasonable good for the limited supportive use it currently has, so I don’t even see its upgrade in the short or medium term.

Right, that’s my perception, and so is that of the TQ distributor; hence the final test of the TQ Black Diamond power and interconnect, to see if they end up compensating a little bit for that end point.

Thanks for the response. That seems like a logical explanation. The Tellurium Q Silver Diamond is the top-of-the-range and should be high performance since people have been saying good things about the lower range Ultra Black 2s.

I’ve settled with Chord Signature XL which is the equivalent of the TQ Ultra Black 2 (£2,400 @ 4.0m pair) not too long ago. I’m done with speaker cables and interconnects but may upgrade the USB cable to the TQ Ultra Silver since the USB link has been long neglected in my system. I’ve upgraded the speaker cables and interconnects several times throughout the years as the USB cable remains untouched. It’s likely the weakest link in my system at the moment since it was provided as a free gift with the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC which I bought many years ago.

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Yes, I know it; I followed it on the corresponding threads, also that of your upgrade from Epic Twin to Signature XL.

Finally TQ Silver Diamond jumpers and TQ Black Diamond interconnet installed and all still in run in process. The speaker cables with around 200-250 h, and the interconnect cables with around 65 h. These cables take a longwhile to burn in, especially the speaker cables, slightly less the interconnect cables.

I think around the end of next week I will be able to offer the final conclusions of the experience with these cables, but I can already anticipate that they are simply exceptional, and the level of performance they are reaching through the run in process is really incredible, really miles ahead from Chord Epic Reference and AudioQuest Water.

It’s definitely my turn to eat my previous words in the posts above, but in just over a week the final update…


Well, last and final UPDATE…

On last Saturday, with the speaker cable with around 250 hours run in and the interconnect with around 70 hours run in, very surprisingly it seems that both cables opened definitely and permanently. I was very surprised because, from a sound with bloody and dull mid-lows, very backward mids, a present treble but with little extension, and hardly depth, from one day to the next it went to a fully balanced, dynamic, detailed sound, with the lows in its place, tight and loaded with nuances, sweet and totally organic mids, and a fully extended and air-filled treble, a perfect sound in the tones, in the atmosphere, very organic and tangible, and with an incredible depth, practically holographic; the truth is that I stayed…, wow! And since then, the cables only are improving as they continue playing music…

I can only think that it all was only and merely a question of run in time, that the cables are exceptional and that they take a longwhile to break in, much more than 100 hours, at least in this system; and that the Black Diamond interconnect brings a point of warmth that, in this room that pulls overly brightly, compensates a little for the tremendous resolution of the Silver Diamond; perfect!

I don’t need any more time, I think the system is now fully balanced and at its sweet spot; I’m not going to do an A-B test, reinstalling the old cables, as the Silver and Black Diamonds are certainly miles ahead from the humble, in comparision, Chord Epic Performance. Now I do take this main system to completion, with the Silver Diamond jumpers and the Black Diamond interconnect.

I was convinced that the TQs did not work well in this system and already considering putting them up for sale; but I was wrong, really totally wrong. They’ve needed a lot of running in hours, but it’s like they’ve done a kind of “click” and, overnight, they’ve changed radically and now, at last, I can hear and understand everything reviewers say on them.

My main conclusions are:

  1. All cables are not the same, nor does one cable matter as another; you have to be suspicious of whoever thinks or says that.

  2. The cables, all in general, and in particular the speaker and interconnect cables, are tremendously system dependent.

  3. High-end TQ cables are exceptional, warmer in the Black Diamond series and virtually fully neutral in the Silver Diamond series, as the manufacturer well points out.

  4. If you are setting up a mid-to-high-end system and you’re on the market for speaker and/or interconnect cables, you should consider the TQ Black Diamond and Silver Diamond ones; their price is not low, but they bring an incredible improvement, practically similar or higher to a black box. If your system is already balanced, the Silver Diamonds will put the icing on the cake; If conversely your system isn’t balanced, the Silver Diamonds will tell you, and they’ll point you the improvement points.

Anyway, a somewhat tortuous experience but with a happy ending and that has been worth it.

Simply put, the TQ Silver Diamond and Black Diamond cables have fully covered my expectations by making the cabling upgrade decision, taking my already great system to a whole new, unknown and superior level.

Greetings to the forum.


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