Tellurium Silver Diamond and hearing loss

I have a 500 system and Titan 808s - and high frequency hearing loss, typical for my age [64]. I replaced superlumina cables with the Telluriums. It’s a big improvement. The blurb suggests they produce a sound which suits people who are looking for leaner, highly articulate presentation but not at the cost of bass response. They aren’t cheap but in the context of Naim kit they’re pretty good value


For the price you’d probably be better sticking with the Super Lumina and getting some top of the range hearing aids. They make everything easier - conversation, TV, theatre, music, and you discover that those little feathery things that fly around outside actually make a noise.


He’s not asking for advice, I believe he is trying to give it, based on his findings and his personal experience…
He may already have high end hearing aids.


His post from October :

« You are quite right - they are a compromise. They are a compromise if the alternative is having the aural equivalent of twenty-twenty vision. But I don’t have that and not many people over sixty do have the same hearing ability as they had when they were younger. There is wear and tear on the delicate filaments in the ear canal. Good hearing aids target the frequencies where there is impairment is causing important hearing loss. It’s about 8.15 and I have just put the kettle on after inserting the hearing aids. I have listened to music with the aids working and turned off. It’s better with them on.«

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Back to the speaker cable. The TQ Silver Diamond are excellent and having heard them against the SuperLumina they were a material uplift. For me the the sound was more Naim like with them which I was not expecting.

That’s all good then. I can’t remember what happened this morning, let alone what people posted two months ago.

I’ve got them! I can tell the difference

Sounds like I am not on my own! The hearing aids were the best they had and they are worth every penny. I have a lot of time for HH’s contributions to this forum

Can’t neither, just searched if it was the case. Apparently had some time to loose, waiting that my water to boil.


I have had the TQ Silver Diamonds for quite a while now and they are exceptionally good….

At the time I demoed the Black Diamonds and also Super Lumina …. both also very very good….although not as good as the Silver Diamonds……

You have chosen well…enjoy

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