Ten Albums that Provided the Building Blocks for Progressive Rock

How many of these do you own… I have 4 (Fairport, KC, PF, Beatles)… :roll_eyes:

As you’ve clearly watched the video, could you please list the albums to save the 14 minutes it will take people to do so?


TL; DR…? Well…
I will list the ones I own - Liege & Leif - Fairport Convention, In The Court Of - King Crimson, Piper at the Gates of Dawn - Pink Floyd, Sgt Pepper - The Beatles.

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I skimmed through and they are easily spotted as the album covers show up over his left shoulder as he (presumably) talks about each one. Takes about 30 seconds.
Weirdly, I’ve owned 8 of thembut I never liked most prog. For example I saw Yes, King Crimson and Genesis amongst others live back in the day (early 70s) but would rather go to the dentist than repeat either experience! I also think Led Zeppelin went downhill after their second album and Pink Floyd after Saucerful of Secrets - chacun a son gout.

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The only one that I do not have is Frank Zappa

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Have them all, except Fairports, Moodys and the Nice (odd cos I liked the Nice)…

Not a great fan of prog though. Some, not most.

Great, thanks!

I’ve got Sgt Pepper, Days of future passed, Piper at the gates of dawn & Whiter shade of pale.

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