Terry Jones - Very Naughty Boy - R. I. P

Sad passing of the founder member and major creative force of so many memorable sketches and movies by Monty Python.
Thank you for the laughters.


Very sad news, some classic sketches and films were from his pen.
RIP Terry Jones

Sad news but we have a lot to smile and remember him by.


Just heard this on the news.

Thanks for all the laughs over so many years Terry. I guess you didn’t quite manage to dodge the big foot this time…


He always seemed to retain a sense of the silliness of it all, and appear to be enjoying himself.


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Remember seeing him in ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ in the sixties and along with David Jason and Michael Palin. A naturally funny man. Thanks for all smiles and laughs. RIP Terry Jones.

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Not fair

Bye Mandy

R.I.P. Terry, and thanks for all the chuckles. :rofl:

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We watched Life of Brian again one wet afternoon recently. Memorable film and a memorable guy.


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I can remember watching Monty Python with my father when it was first on TV.

There are far too many people in the ‘entertainment’ business ‘passing on’ currently who kind of remind me I’m not getting any younger… and I’m not 63 until the end of March!

R.I.P indeed and thank you for what you did.




A clever and original historian, writer and comic genius. It’s difficult to know what to praise first, although like many of my generation, it was Do Not Adjust Your Set and the Python’s that introduced me to him.

So sad. And what a terrible way to go. Thank you and RIP Terry.

Watching Meaning of Life at the mo… Mr Creosote is on the way…i saw it in the cinema when it came out, laughed until it hurt! Bless him.

Heard the news via email, which I initially thought was Spam…

A sad end for a very funny man. Michael Palin’s tribute on the BBC News was very moving.


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As people are saying, what a sad end. Thanks for the many laughs and pauses for thought, RIP.


RIP. Anno domini creeps up on all of us.

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