Terry Venables RIP

A great player, coach and manager. He did truly great things for us at QPR.


RIP Terry. He was great. England should have had him for manager far earlier and far longer.

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Lucky to see Terry in the flesh (QPR), a tidy player who plied his trade during an era when England were blessed with an abundance of talent in that midfield department. Enjoyed his spell as England manager, but really have a soft spot for him when he answered a call from Steve Gibson to help out at the Boro. Bryan Robson, his right-hand man for England, was floundering a bit and El-Tel came in and steadied the ship. Shame he could not be persuaded to stay on, but he always has some “business” on the go.


RIP Terry. The England side he managed were truest world class.

Let’s not forget the wonderful Hazell.



I remember hoping he’d come back to Chelsea as manager after the England job. For some reason he preferred a life in the sun down under rather than having to deal with ken Bates every day of his life….

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Never realised he wrote books that were behind the “Hazel” detective tv series…….he was a one off🙏


I was at the Spurs game yesterday. The applause for Terry Venables before the match brought tears to my eyes.

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