Testing ethernet port

Hi, just had guy run a long Cat6 cable from my Verizon modem/router to the other side of the house in preparation for delivery of a brand new NDX2 this weekend.
The cable connects up to standard RJ-45 jacks on either end. Ethernet patch cords will be attached to each ethernet port- one to the router and one to the switch.
I have connected the verizon router end to the wall jack and I wanted to know is there a way to test whether the internet signal is working at the port in my hifi room.
My installer did not have this device, unfortunately. He said is was all connected properly but the 8 tiny wires inserted into the jack look pretty tiny and hard to see the different colors, etc.
So is there any way to test if the internet signal it going from my router to this new port? I dont want my dealer to show up with the NDX2, connect it up, and then find out no signal being sent to it. I have ordered a Ubiqiti US 8 switch and Unifi AP- AC lite WAP. These items have not arrived as yet.

Have you got laptop or PC to connect to the cable to test??

no laptop- just ipad /iphone
PC major hassle to move and disconnect from where it is
Any other options?

Hi, there’s only 2 ways to test a cable really. The first is a test device, which could be a simple and pretty pointless £20 wire map checker, a £1200 cable validator or a £4000 certifier. So, assuming you cant borrow a decent tool, the second choice is you use a laptop/PC. It’s not a perfect test but if a PC connects at 1Gb you know all 8 wires are at least set correctly and nothing fundamental is wrong. If the PC connects at 100Mb then there is an issue with at least 1 of the 8 wires, or if it wont connect at all you start again! This is not quite the same as validating a cable but a good second choice, and is simple, quick and free. Hope that helps, Phil

Wire map checker in my budget
I’m in USA
Will have to look around

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