Thales turntable, Statement arm and exquisite st cartridge

Well having not long ago selling my Rega P10 and getting a SME 20/2 to replace it.
Loving the SME sound and quality, I have decided to up the anti.
Been looking at the 75th anniversary diamond and drooling since they first appeared and so hopefully getting a 20/12 with V arm.


Already on my horizon.
Was looking at the 20/3 and the 30/2, but decided on the 20/12 and looking forward to the 12 inch arm, the icing on the cake for me, being that I am hopeful getting one in the anniversary spec, as right now they don’t offer it.

No as its 100mm wider, will have to get creative, but so wanted to give the 12 inch arm a go.
Was seriously looking at the 30/2 anniversary but it’s quite a lot more

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Big incremental upgrades are always more cost effective Dunc. ATB Peter

Don’t know as like I said not even sure if the 20/12 will be released in the anniversary spec, but hopefully it looks like SME will make me one

Don’t think the 30/2 is really worth it these days over the much improved 20/3 and 20/12.
Not many can tell the difference

Yes I know, but really like the 12 inch arm over the 9 inch.
Plus the 20/12 is even more heavier than the 20/3 and that’s got to help as well

I understand.

Here an extract of Michael Fremer review of the 20/3, in Stereophile. He had reviewed also the 30/2 and 20/12.

« As I found when reviewing the older and larger SME 20/12, the 20/3 sounded faster and more nimbly paced than the big Model 30, which, depending upon the rest of your system, can sound a bit thick and over-damped. The three words that most came to mind when listening to the 20/12 were “solid,” “stable” and “smooth.”

Measured speed stability using the Feickert 7” test record and Platter Speed iPhone app was excellent as expected and well-within the ±.3% window shown on the software’s measurement page.

For a suspended ‘table that offers superb isolation from the outside world, the SME 20/2 had solid, reasonably punchy, well-defined bass—something suspended turntables usually have in diminished quantities in exchange for background quiet. The SME 20/3 was quiet and had well-controlled and well extended bass and thus was rhythmically assured.«

Just waiting on price and then see for certain.
The 20/12 is not going to be a straight forward swap, new platform, new cover, etc.
Plus I haven’t had the chance to hear one as yet and right now I am going on looks and a few reviews on what a 12 inch arm offers over a 9, some say yes others not convinced?
If not then a 20/3 will probably take its place, but nothing is ordered as yet

I even read that some prefer the SME 3012r arm vs the V-12. Difficult choices….
The V-9 is more immune to vibrations and is stiffer, the V-12 has however lower tracking distortions. ( not my findings, just what I could read elsewhere).

Can’t you have a demo at dealer place between 20/3 and 20/12?

Yes hopefully, already heard the 20/3 a few times and it’s what helped me make the jump, that and the cartridge.
I like the look of the bigger arm, but the 20/12 is a big chunk of dosh over the 20/3, plus been in conversation with a few sme owners about it all, no real answer other than try it, you will either like it or not

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Well looks like it’s a 20/12, haven’t been able to hear one yet, but after speaking to sme there advice was, it wasn’t worth spending the extra to get a 20/3 over the 20/2, yes it will be slightly better, but not by much, as all I will be gaining is a bit more weight, which will bring benefits, but as sme said, in reality I would need to make a more significant jump to really experience the difference.
As I already have a fantastic cartridge, they said having the 12 inch arm will bring a significant upgrade, plus the 20/12 has even more weight over the 20/3, so more gains once again.
Also said with the cartridge I own, I really should have the V arm as they are so well suited and if I had a lesser cartridge to go with the cheaper 12 arm and spend the difference on a better cartridge.
So that’s what sme say, also been offered a secondhand 30/2 with v arm at a very similar price, so need to make my mind up

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Well things change, well they do with me lol.
After the chat with SME about it all and the outcome of, well the upgrade is not going to be as big as I was expecting, especially with the money difference.
The 20/12 is what I was looking at, this is not only a very expensive deck with 12 inch V arm, also it wouldn’t fit on the fraim, more problems, so.

So I have been looking at other decks, on its way next week I hope is a very different deck to the SME 20 / V arm, going to fit my dynavector cartridge to the new deck and see how it goes


Are you going to tell which new deck your getting or did I miss something?


Once it has happened then I will upload some pics and my initial thoughts.
Until then you might like to guess what it may be, just for some fun and help the days go quicker till the long Bank Holiday weekend we have looming.
But it’s quite different to the sme, I just kept looking at the silly high price these are now, they have really gone up massively and I struggle to see the valve, if being honest, especially if you look at say the solstice, £16k for the lot or £24800, just for 20/12 and 12V arm, no cartridge or phono stage.
So decided to look elsewhere

Well it’s clearly not the Solstice since you said you will putting your current cartridge on the new deck and Solstice package comes with a phono cartridge

Technics SP10 r ?
Avid Acutus SP?

No it’s not a solstice or the other 2 above.
Will as said be putting the dynavector cartridge on it as it should be (hopefully) better than my sme

Can only be an LP12…