Thank Goodness for Naim

Have just returned from hammer and chisel job at dentist .
Loaded up with Solpadeine Plus with very large glass of ( contraindicated ) alcohol ( wife is retired anaesthetist and says it is ok ) .
Listening to Beethoven late Quartets via Uniti Star and Credos
Music soothes the troubled breast ( and teeth)
Hope others spending good Friday afternoon.


You have a large life insurance policy?


Visits to the dentist are never enjoyable. Music is a great tonic! About to put something on to relax to after my labours cleaning the fridge - a job I absolutely adore!!

Hahahah. On second thought…

Hammer and chisel ? consider yourself lucky mine just has a hammer!

Never enjoyable?

Several decades ago I had a dentist who with her very short hair bore an uncanny resemblance to Servalan (Blake’s Seven). When she came striding across the room, syringe in hand… some very mixed emotions…



I remember Servalan, wish I had a dentist like that!!


What, a hammer? that’s posh…mine has a club with a nail stuck in it

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Luxury! We used to dream of a dentist that only had one nail stuck in their club. Our dentist’s club used to have a dozen razor blades stuck in it, and we were grateful.

But you tell that to the kids today and they won’t believe you.


No, they won’t, but you had it lucky!:joy:

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Back in the day when I lived in North London my dentist went by the name of Screech.

Here in North Yorkshire our dental hygienist is referred to by Mrs B as Pickaxe Lil.


Ha ha best one yet :+1:

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