Thank you Naim from a tinnitus sufferer who thought his audiophile days were over!

Also a tinnitus sufferer here for more than 25 years and also my Naim system with Neat speakers brought musical joy to me again and enjoy my music every day now. Nice to read that other people also find their happiness in music again.


My Naim Nac 102, Napsc, HiCap and sundry cables have now arrived, and they’re great! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who contributed good advice and best wishes to my call for help :smiley:

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I can pin my tinnitus down to being trapped by the bass bins at a Bowie gig in around 1997. It’s mild I am told but always there. It gets worse with prolonged exposure to music and better inexplicably but also if I reduce dairy. I can still occasionally wake up in the night because if it. I wear ear plugs for gigs or skip them completely.

So sad that there are so many fellow sufferers of that insidious Tinnitus. Mine has developed during the past year, much as I’ve been enjoying a Naim-based retirement. Basic set-up is Supernait with CDXS and PMC Twenty 23s, but also use Bluesound (am I allowed to use that name???:?) for streaming as unable to afford a complete Naim system throughout the house. Didn’t like the sound of the Vault so bought 2nd-hand Naim DAC-V1 which improved sound no end. Planar 3 through Stageline for the analogue, although I find the Elys 2 rather lacking in top end so thinking of upgrading to Goldring.
Have tried to ignore the ever-loudening high-pitched whistling in right ear, but this now is intrusive almost all the time - more so if I play energetic sports (is this to do with blood pressure maybe?). Anyhow, it’s good to know that others are still able to find enjoyment in the Naim environment, so I’ll keep persevering and play with the volume up much higher when there’s no one around.

Winding the volume up may exacerbate the Tinnitus :flushed:

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I also have tinnitus. Since this year.
What bothers me the most is hyperacusis.
Not being satisfied with the sound of my equipment made me find the diagnosis. Before I started the change and that’s how I got to Naim.
There is no apparent cause of tinnitus so it appears to be for life. I insist that the annoying thing is not so much the tinnitus, but the hyperacusis that sometimes makes it difficult to listen

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Have you tried Tinnitus relief tracks? I found some on Tidal and they help more than I thought possible.

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