The 100 greatest BBC music performances

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Typical Grauniad – a performative, middlebrow, unimaginative exercise in box-ticking. With some baffling omissions.


Live Aid?

Tell us what you really think Kev!


Hmm, ranked but not by the BBC or its massed viewers - and a very swift scroll through suggests they’ve only looked at ‘pop’ music, whereas the BBC has a lot more output, so either they have dismissed all classical as below the “greatest” 100, or haven’t even considered them as music performances. (I can’t be bothered to read any of it as some twit’s ranking is of no relevance to anything, and I’m sure I’d completely disagree if I were to attempt such a ranking myself.)

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Interesting that it’s described as music but has nothing written before the 60s. Surely all those Proms performances had something worth listing?

Funny to include a chunk of miming on TOTP as well.

The kids in the lucky tiny crowd, Nirvana at No.11. Hilarious.

Typical @TheKevster - fluffy diplomatic exercise in politeness. With some hedging around the point.

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I thought the Amy Winehouse choice they made was slightly odd, although interesting for sure. But maybe expert @Clive has an opinion on that?

“Expert Clive” is neither impressed nor unimpressed. I’m sure the compiler got paid for it, but it’s only that person’s opinion. As Alexis Petridis says of the Amy Winehouse selection, “You could pick any of Amy Winehouse’s Later appearances for this list”. On that we are agreed, but personally I’d have gone for “Don’t Go to Strangers”, which she performed with Paul Weller on one of Jools’s New Year bashes.

The list is obviously rubbish, because Sandy Denny only crept in at no. 90, but at least the always entertaining Sparks made the list.

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I had a bet with myself that you would say that! And I agree that performance is truly memorable and very enjoyable (and I don’t particularly like her way of music-making as a rule).

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