The ageing hifi fanatic / music listener

That final curtain is perhaps the most difficult veil in the way to true inky blackness.


The Good Lord will weigh your deeds, good and bad, and decide whether you spend eternity with a Naim Statement or a Dansette.


I wonder if there is enough space inside the Statement for a body.


But is it true inky blackness? And is the noise floor truly low?

My wife has always likened my speakers to coffins…

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Well there is in the transport crate FR. :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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What an interesting topic and prompt! As I approach my 7th decade…I have been using the opportunity and flexibility coupled with the Covid-lock-downs to explore deeper my favorite musical artists. Adding to my music collection. I also have embarked on investing $$$$$ and upgrading my Naim components. Hard not to think about “the inky blackness” as some have referred. Nevertheless…I find solace, respite and sheer enjoyment in listening more and diving deeper into Van, Pink Floyd, Joni, Tull, Miles, Coltrane, Jarrett, Chopin and Debussy…and so many others.
cheers…here is to to the music in our lives.


My story at 80.
I have lived on my own since my mate died thirty years ago.
Well paid but hard job. I was able to retire at 55 apart from my parttime enjoyment at Wickes,the building merchant for 3 or 4 years.
I had gradually built up a Naim system on Fraim with Neat speakers.
Then life intervened. My youngest daughter died and the day before her cremation they confirmed I had a shitty cancer.
I was ill and found it difficult to recover. I sold all the Naim as I could find no interest.
But hey… we bounced back. You cannot live what’s left always looking backward. That doesn’t mean you didn’t love and don’t treasure the memories.
The systems are gradually being restored.
One headphone Naim/Focal in my reading room.
The other Supernait 2,Falcon speakers,soon upgrade to NDX2 in the sitting room.
So the moral to my story? Perhaps there isn’t one but it might help you with your journeys.


Thank you for that Nick. I’m nine years behind you and thankfully haven’t had to face your trials. I wish you joy of your music and your memories.

At least, if you die before her, she has made some savings for the coffin. No need to buy one then.

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Neither here, I actually can’t imagine going to a separate room just to listen. I want my music around me and would always want the best system in the room I spend most of my time. That was also the reason for me downsizing, an all-in-one with perhaps a future one or two boxes is much better in such a space than a giant stack of separates.

No relation to the thread subject of getting older, other than I am.


My dream would be to have another system in the basement. Unfortunately I have no basement.


After an ongoing spell of bad health for the last 3 years I have retired early

During the last three years…I too lost interest in my system and music, and down sized and simplified it.
Best thing I could have done… enjoyment came back, appreciation for what I have and what it can do increased
Just some simplifications of my power supply to finish and thats me done till I’m not here anymore


Blimey, a contented audiophile! Japtimscarlet, you should be stuffed and mounted (in the nicest possible way of course).

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I’m not exactly slumming it with my current system (my profile is probably not up to date!!)

So yes , I’m happy and I think I’m happy because of the “better than its any right to sound” effect

I just can’t justify or have the space for Naim separates. I am happy with my choice but i will be looking to move on to a Nova when money allows. I did downsize speakers recently but it was much needed as floorstanders where just not right for my room at all. I purposely chose the Atom as it had everything I needed in one box and was shocked at how good it sounded. I also got it for a steal back then considering how much more they sell for now.


Got music to play on my pensioner’s NAIM seperates system.


check the cod philosophy thread. :slight_smile:

After bring up my two kids in a tiny house, a starter home, they have now moved out and a few years later the missus and I bought a bigger house, countless friends and colleagues have assumed I have down sized, LOL. I now have another mortgage, bugger all savings, but I do have a larger living room and the isolation which has allowed me to move from a mostly headphone based system due to fear of triggering reprisals from my previous antisocial neighbours to buying bigger speakers bigger amp and playing loud music. Much happier now. Sorry but I must LOL again!


One left for her as well

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