The Beatles Abbey Road 50th anniversary release details

It’s all here courtesy of that nice man Paul at Super Deluxe edition. Roll on 27th September.


I wonder when the 24-bit versions will be available. There was a lag for Sgt Pepper & The White Album releases in highres.

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I thought the White Album was more or less available as download, but I might be mis-remembering.

I’m in for the basic Abbey Road, not particularly interested in the demos this time… and looking forwards not excited by a remixed Let It Be, but would kill for a remixed Revolver and I’m not convinced I’ll still be breathing for its 60th Anniversary to roll around.

Hi Nick, it might well be my crumbling memory chips with the White album. I do remember the Pepper being delayed.

Dang! Couldn’t resist…


You’re not old enough to be re-buying your youth yet, surely :smiley:

Have Amazon gift vouchers, from my 60th birthday earlier this year, held back and earmarked for just this eventuality.

Triple vinyl on order.


Pre-ordered the Super Deluxe and the 3-LP sets… :pleading_face::grimacing:

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You want a bet…? I seem to have been doing just that lately.

I was spinning the White Album and Abbey Road at a very early age, memorising the words and generally wrecking the LPs along the way. It was all worthwhile.

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You beggars with pictures in the attic! Funnily enough my elder sister bought Help! and Rubber Soul and I too knew every word (played when she was out). She re-claimed them before our HMV Radiogram could wear the grooves out.

I think there has been a re-mastered Let It Be, sans Phil Spectre. I have it , rather good, My first LP when I went back to vinyl.

Triple vinyl and deluxe silver disc sets pre-ordered, painful when sharing a cell with 20,000:Festival,goers.


Super deluxe pre ordered last week.The three versions of “Something” that have been released as teasers sound promising.


No Apple shaped USB stick?

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Let It Be … Naked is IMO better than the Spectered original. The bootlegs of the Get Back sessions are also an interesting listen.

Ordered Triple LPs set and Deluxe CDs of Abbey Road together with the picture disc.


I listened to the Esher recordings on Radio 6, not that would be a recording worth releasing in it’s own right

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I’m interested in the big 100-page book.

As for the music itself, I’m rather happy to have it digitally, preferably in hi res. We have my wife’s old copy in vinyl, and to avoid bulking up on too much vinyl I’ve talked myself into being perfectly happy listening on the ND555.

In-home streaming is particularly nice for the out-take albums. If there’s something we aren’t that enamoured with it’s easier to skip ahead with an app :slight_smile:

But I have to buy the cd + Blu-Ray “super deluxe” box to get that book it seems – it’s not part of any other package if I read it correctly.

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Yes it appears that the big book is only part of the CD set.

I think you’ll be able to get in on HD Tracks in hi res, they had both St Pepper and the White Album in the deluxe version all at 24/96 when they were released.

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I was on board on September 30th 1969 when I bought the LP…

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