The Big Yin

There was a wonderful two-hour programme about Billy Connolly on Channel 5 last night. It included celebrated extracts of his appearances on Michael Parkinson shows.

A couple of carers came into my room in the care home where I’m currently detained, as they thought that I was having some sort of problem. I was indeed, as I was laughing myself silly at the utter ridiculousness of some of the sketches that were shown. The one that caused the carers to intervene was Connolly describing tying himself into some rubberised long johns that filled up with liquid, making it close to impossible to walk because of the accumulated fluid.

I shan’t say any more, but simply urge you to watch it. Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.


Any news on the Great Escape ?

best wishes


A great programme Graham. I have been recording this & other programmes about Billy wherever I have been able to find them: they are classic and very much by a unique comedian who has something ver.y special. The man is a legend and it is interesting to see his progression over the years, still maintaining his own special observation skills and story telling. His Parkinsons has robbed us of some more ‘laugh until it hurts’ performances and moments; all we can do is cling to what went before.

No firm news, Ian. I’m hoping that it will be soon, but I’ve been hoping that for weeks now. And so much music waiting to be heard.

Thanks for asking.


Fingers firmly crossed, ten days solitary in that wretched hotel room were enough

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