The Blue Nile

I was looking, yet again, online to buy their (three?) LP records.

But, yet again, nada, zilch!

How can it be that the very records that Linn promoted so strongly to sell their LP12 turntables have completely disappeared from the market?

You could maybe consider the reissues that are available for pre-order on all of their titles?

You can pre order Hats on their Townshend music store for £30, released on 7th June

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Well Graham don’t be too much in a hurry

With regards to Hats , I have the original Vinyl that came out years ago , the remastered vinyl, the original CD and the remastered CD

To my utter surprise the remastered CD completely blew away all the other three , I was expecting the remastered vinyl to top it all but alas no

Funny how things turn out

Is there a 5th album apye ? Why am I thinking that ?

Apologies apye no 5th album

Paul Buchanan band member put out a solo album “Mid Air” which I have on vinyl and CD

It’s very very good imo

I just looked this minute on Ebay.
There’s loads of Blue Nile.
15+ listings, on vinyl, at a glance :man_shrugging:t2:

Didn’t look at CDs.

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Phew! Those prices make my £3.50 s/h copy look like good value…

Thank you, Stevie, I have ordered two of the LPs from eBay, advertised as ‘new’.

If that’s successful, I’ll have another look in a month or so, after I have listened to these two.


Glad to have been of service, Graham. I assume Rooftops and Hats?

Fine albums.

Yes, Stevie,

‘Rooftops’ @ £79.99.

‘Hats’ @ £69.99.

(Probably double the price that a Linn dealer would have charged when the records were reissued recently.)

They are £30 each.

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Is that the re-re-issue (if I’ve got the re-issues right) that’s coming out soon?

I may spring for that one. I’m good with Rooftops, but my Hats cover is a wee bit worn.

Yes Steve, it’s the Confetti reissue 2024 repress.

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Cheers my man :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

PS Confetti any good, @TheKevster? Don’t know em.

They are the label (owned, I think, by the BN themselves) that’s put out all the reissues. The records are just fine.


Cheers Kev :beers:

Talking of which, beer sometime soon?