The Demo Thread

So this thread would perhaps be a good way to capture what demo setups are where, that are really special that feature Naim.

For example at HiFi Corner in Edinburgh, they are setting up an appointment room specifically showing Naim Statement pre and power with Wilson Audio Sasha Daw speakers. The source will likely include ND555.

(p.s. if this is against Forum rules, feel free to remove thread…)

Making me jealous, Here in the states (and having mobility issues). I’m just glad to have one ardent dealer/supporter of naim within my area of travel. Much less a choice of ideal demo spaces. :no_mouth:

My dealer @Cymbiosis can offer any number of NAIM set up’s to 500 level with new streamers
and on source @Cymbiosis are one of the leading LP12’s in the UK

I would imagine this is true of most NAIM dealers they should be able to demo any number of set up’s, I know I have done with the team on Classics and then with speakers cable and equipment stands

Signals currently has Naim Statement with ND555 into PMC Fenestria, but can offer other speakers , amps and streamers.

Would love to hear the Statement, only watched a YouTube clip :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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