The Electric Recording Company to reissue Cluytens Ravel Box Set

I’ve just seen that the Electric Recording Company is going to reissue the wonderful Columbia Box Set of Ravel - Complete Orchestral Works conducted by Andre Cluytens.

(Image from Discogs)

Back in the days when I was a bit of a collector of such things, the original of this set was what might be termed a “grail”. I only ever came across one set but was persuaded to part with it only because once word had got out amongst other collectors around the world, the inevitable offers came in, some just too good to refuse, and I think it now lives in Korea. However, now ERC are giving 150 lucky souls the chance to own the set once more, but this time, new and possibly even better than the original (possibly slightly cheaper too, although I haven’t kept up with prices in recent years).

At £1450 it’s a lot of money though (too much for me, if you’re asking), but I guess if you only ever experience an ERC reissue once, it may just have to be this one. Anybody here tempted?

If I win the Lottery tonight, I’ll give it a go Richard. :sunglasses:


That depends. :clown_face:

How many LP’s in the boxset, 2 or 12?

Four. Tempted now?


Sold out now

Don’t know this label too well, but why not print more? 150 copies?

That’s their thing - very limited releases. They’d rather sell fewer at higher prices. Again - that’s their thing!

Seems like a ponzi scheme then, if you can print 150 why not print 150 runs times 100?

First, that’s not what a “ponzi scheme” is.
Second, if you believe that that’s what they are doing, try to buy their older titles. You should be able to.

I just mean if they intentionally restrict supply, they are a scalping scheme and nothing more. I wont have anything to do with this. They know everyone is buying to sell on at 1000% profit.

Just thought of another way to put this. Say there was a really famous Bach recording, if they wanted to create the best quality product and put it on the market they’d press several thousand. Pressing 150 guarantees they sell out, then they move onto the next recording while the 150 go for 1000 quid each. They are just exploiting.

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I am sure I have the origional set tucked away in my somewhat inaccesible cupboard. Another incentive to get an RCM! Bought for not a lot in the “last” days of vinyl.
There will always be a market for anything rare, either origional or repressed by ERC etc.
A waiting game for a lot of products.
In my increasing disinterest with most of current TV and a variation on listening to music I have taken to reading books in conductors. Conductors I saw and heard at the Royal Festival Hall some 40 years ago. Pierre Monteux and Otto Klemperer are two of them. With the virus I will buy a S/H CD withought too much concern for its potential health damage.
Used books are a different matter. I now only feel happy buying new. For a new book, and I hope it really is, and the book may have been origionally printed 10 years ago plus you will pay a premium and quite a handsome one as well.
If you REALLY want something you will pay the going rate. Simple as that.

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