The Electric Recording Company to reissue Cluytens Ravel Box Set

I’ve just seen that the Electric Recording Company is going to reissue the wonderful Columbia Box Set of Ravel - Complete Orchestral Works conducted by Andre Cluytens.

(Image from Discogs)

Back in the days when I was a bit of a collector of such things, the original of this set was what might be termed a “grail”. I only ever came across one set but was persuaded to part with it only because once word had got out amongst other collectors around the world, the inevitable offers came in, some just too good to refuse, and I think it now lives in Korea. However, now ERC are giving 150 lucky souls the chance to own the set once more, but this time, new and possibly even better than the original (possibly slightly cheaper too, although I haven’t kept up with prices in recent years).

At £1450 it’s a lot of money though (too much for me, if you’re asking), but I guess if you only ever experience an ERC reissue once, it may just have to be this one. Anybody here tempted?

If I win the Lottery tonight, I’ll give it a go Richard. :sunglasses:


That depends. :clown_face:

How many LP’s in the boxset, 2 or 12?

Four. Tempted now?