The end of single box mono power amps

Why did Naim move away from the 135 power amp as two seperate power amps for left and right?

Moving the big power supplies away from the circuit boards reduced interference and improved SQ in Naims opinion.

But not everyone agrees….

Watch this space……


I’m using my two Cyrus Power 8s in mono mode:

The sound is excellent.

The unit sitting below the left-hand power amp is a Cyrus PSX-R power supply. Not connected as yet, as I’ve still to get another PSX-R for the right-hand amp.

The only downside to all of this is the number of power sockets that are required!

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A bad error of judgment on Naim’s part, in my opinion.

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What an interesting question - !! I wonder if @Richard.Dane or @110dB can comment on this…?

(The NAP500 is also split like the NAP300, of course - and not like the NAP135’s.)

I’ve already answered this on a few recent threads - or at least given my opinion.

When I originally asked this same question of Roy back at the time of the release of the Classic range (gosh, can it really be more than 20 years ago now??!) He felt that a single large transformer with multiple windings out-performed two smaller separate ones. It also mean’t that the big and potentially noisy transformer could be physically removed from the box containing the amplification electronics.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both I’d imagine, and it’s interesting to see that with the Statement Steve reverted to a monoblock configuration, albeit where the transformer is ingeniously separated from the electronics, albeit still within the one overall unit.


Having followed the New Naim classic range thread, I remember some posts about the next new NPX 300 . Some said they will be in the form of two monos. 2 boxes , without external psu.

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FR, there’s already an NPX300 - it’s not a power amp but a power supply for the NSC222 and doubtless other forthcoming products.

As for any forthcoming power amps, all is pure speculation until officially announced by Naim.

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Maybe there’s more Statement technology waiting to trickle down to the new 300 series. :shushing_face:

I mean the next 300 amp or mono amp. Error from me writing NPX.
And , as you said, it was speculation.

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