The English Whisky Company

Yes, here is another English Whisky company!
This one is in East Anglia and reasonably local to me!

I have been drinking their whisky for a few years…it’s excellent!


Interesting…. I’ve been passing that sign for years on the A11. Looks like a quick stop may be in order next time I’m heading that way to visit the shop.

Any particular recommendation ?

I quite like it.

Posted this a few years back, which got me a couple of snotty replies from north of the border!


Unfortunately, Chapter 9 is no longer available! :disappointed:

I particularly like “Smokey” but they are all good!
I think you will be able to try them in the shop, worth asking.
Don’t swallow if you are driving, though! They did have a spittoon when I tried them a while ago!

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Cheers. Just browsing their online shop :+1:

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