The Golden Age of Classic Naim

With so many classic products now discontinued is the golden age of Naim now over? The choice for me is no longer on the product list.

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When would you say was the golden age of Naim?

Most certainly not.

That depends on when you ask that question. For me, it is usually the current range, so my answer is now. 18 months ago, I would have answered “hopefully soon”.

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For me the golden age was at the tail end of the chrome bumper period. Only because life was so much easier then. LP12 / NAT01 was the front end and 32.5/HiCap/250 or maybe 135s was as exotic as it got unless you were into taping. No networking or ripping to worry about.


With a very healthy second (or more) user market, you can pretty much buy whatever Naim combo you consider to be golden:
Nait 2
6 pack/briks
Etc etc
Maybe we are spoilt for choice in the UK, particularly with one dealer I could mention who actively sells everything and even collects the rare stuff.


My Naim golden age was

NAC 42
NAP 110

LP12 and mkii Kans

Was it the Naim or was it that you were young and healthy, music was exciting and you could fit into 30” jeans? It’s what we do when we are young that generally makes the biggest impression. I had my LP12, 42, 250 and Kans when I was 22. I still think it was the most I ever enjoyed listening to the stereo, but then it was the first Linn/Naim setup I had so it was obviously going to make an impression. And 1983 was a wonderful year for post punk music, I was having a fantastic time doing my PhD and watching my fish, so it all came together perfectly. Nowadays I have colitis, a brain injury, high cholesterol and am deaf in one ear, so things are obviously going to be different.


No worries. with ripping here, as I’d never ever going to do it.

Not sure which product you mean, if you wish to purchase new, unless someone have new old stock,? your left with second hand kit, not bad as prices could be tempting.

I look back at my 32/250 CB Naim very fondly indeed - it will always be associated for me with some great, loud times…

Would I swap my current OC set up for it? Hmm…not sure without hearing…pretty darn happy with this 252/300 Golden Age.

And I still fit in 30" trews.


Same here for the 30” trousers!

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I was very late to get into Naim. I’ve now heard a fair amount of it but by no means most. Only heard the post Olive gear at dealers and HiFi shows, except for SN2, SN3, and N50.

From what I’ve heard so far I find the JV-designed amps the most enjoyable, such as the 12/160, 42/110, and Nait. Still not heard a bolt down 250 though :frowning:


Naim have always striven to reach the pinnacle of sound reproduction, and have gone from strength to strength in that regard. Detail retrieval, clarity and purity of sound is better than ever. If this your measure of a golden era, then I would say that the present day, for today and always, is the golden era.


Being the hi-if Luddite that I am, I prefer a sound which conveys more emotional connection than the more recent iterations of products. For me, the Olive series was Naims golden era, with CB running a close second. So in my case, yes, Naims golden era is long over.


I still fit into mine at 66!


Its all golden if you like what it does, i think we are all here because of that.

As an old classic owner, theres nothing for me to buy new these days except 500 series.

The show must go on as they say

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As a 32.5/hicap/250 chrome bumper user of 30 odd years I’m lost in time. The golden age for me was when Linn & Naim travelled together. The products may now be better but something special was lost when the relationship fractured. My first hifi dealer eventually went full Linn boutique. Similar thing happened when Naim tied in with Focal. My then dealer went full audio note. It’s just not the same.


I find 30" too long. Trying to find 29" inside leg nowadays is really difficult. Oh, you mean waist… :joy: :joy:

So long as I like the sound I’m hearing I’m OK so it may (will for me) change with time.


Most people who have use the term “Golden age” with me were referring to either the CB or Olive stuff. Interestingly they all had some sort of aversion to later Naim kit so I’d take the term with a pinch of salt as it can be applied to any generation depending on personal preference. :wink:


ong similar lines this is something I ventured in a previous thread - though perhaps the whole thread is worth a view:

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The golden age for me is the NC 300 series. I am not interested in listening to the gear but rather the music. My current system is fantastic at playing music and is by far the best I have ever owned. Therefore it is my golden age gear.