The Grateful Dead Time Machine

Has anyone ever used this crazy sounding and looking device… if so, what does it sound like. I love the idea of random live concerts etc…

What’s the archive like, is it just home made badly taped sound quality?

Here’s the info on it.
The Time Machine is designed to take the listener back in time to a Live Music experience in the past. It was inspired by the music and experience of the Grateful Dead. Although it operates on digital data using a computer, its purpose is to conjure up spirits.

I’m intrigued.

There are dozens of free Grateful Deal live shows out there on Many other bands, too, like Little Feat and their many live sets. I have never heard the device, but if you have a laptop and a USB DAC, you will be ready to go.


Dozens? C’mon :slight_smile: There are over 2000 GD shows on the archive I believe… and most have several sources to choose from. Some of the individual shows have dozens of sources to choose from. One hitch though… they aren’t lossless. I think you may be able to stream lossless, but you can’t download lossless. The GD Time Machine is definately on my radar and someday I will get one… at less than $200 it’s a steal. And yes there are tons and tons of other bands (only those that are enlightened enough to permit taping at their shows).

I get my lossless downloads of taper sourced GD material at That’s where the Charlie Miller gold resides in all it’s slendour.


Oh… and no soundboards on the archive. For those you have to go to etree.

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For those who are intrigued but too lazy to do a google search :slight_smile:

Only 16,000 + GD recordings. Should keep you busy awhile.


Last piece of info on this topic that I will share. Another way to check out the contents of the archive is to download the ReListen app to your phone. It accesses the contents of the archive… same idea as the Time Machine… just less quaint and funky.


Thanks for all that mate - I’ll look into the phone app and if that’s used upgrade to the funky little box of tricks!

Well the potential fly in the ointment is… if you don’t like the Grateful Dead… or music of that ilk… it’s all rather moot. If you are dipping your toe in the water for the first time and want any suggestions… let me know. It’s a big onion to peel.


Kindred spirit for sure. I love this forum.

I have never heard of the Time Machine but I won’t be paying $200 for access to Dead concerts - I have more than enough in the way of official releases to keep me busy until I’m gone (apart from all the other music on LP and CD!).

I had a look and it seems to me those who are promoting and selling the ‘Time Machine’ are breaching the ethics of the bands, tapers and in their aim of distributing live music for free.

As has been said, all this is available anyhow directly from

And if you want more information about particular concerts the Dead’s own concert archive can be interesting.


Totally disagree… it’s just a fun device to access the music. To me, it’s promoting access to the music and allowing the masses an easy way to get it into a stereo or a better playback system than a computer. I find it completely consistent with the spirit of free access writ large.

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