The Harbeth XDs

So totally pointless post…

a) As men grow older, the top range (treble) hearing becomes worse.
b) The Harbeths are growing brighter - or with a more ‘open’ top-end.

on the Harbeth forum, AS indicates that he was surprised that the speakers that he built 10 years ago didn’t measure as well on the top end and he is fixing that now, especially with the 40th anniversary and XD range.

I wonder whether a) and b) are correlated.

yeah, shouldn’t post after a whiskey or two - specially after listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac on Nait-1.

All men or just married men?


That’s the best time to post. Could be correlation. There was a thread on here earlier in the year with regard to someone selling off all his boxes and downgrading to a more simple kit due to unenjoyable sound related to hearing loss(paraphrasing here). Come to find out, this is common, and the OP was encouraged to look into hearing aids, and other options as he had a wonderful kit. For me, tinnitus and ear ringing does have some affect. I listen at lower levels, and have adjusted speaker tilt and toe in, so I am not affected by treble and mids annoying my hearing thus making listening to my kit fatiguing.

Based on the other reply you have received, it may be also because I am MARRIED!!!:joy:



So does the Super HL5 XD / 40th Anniversary or older SHL5+ sound brighter?

Have not heard them. Just going by AS’s comments.

Got it - so no frills and price increase…awesome!

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My tinnitus started the very day my first born arrived. Went up a notch with the second.

Don’t feel so bad about the same thing happening with my anxiety now… :joy:

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