The list of internet radio stations

Which database/list is used when you browse the list of internet radio stations on Naim?
You know, by country, genre etc.
There is one local radio station (surprisingly) not included on the list and unfortunately it does not have a direct link to a stream to include it using Vtuner.
Who maintains that list and do you get radio station on it?

Naim iRadio is associated with vTuner service
You can add your own web radio stations to your own “favourites” listing.

Thanks Mike,
when I said vTuner, I was referring to Naim vTuner service (, the service where you add stations manually and it is then synchronized with your device over MAC address. The station then appears under Added stations.
I checked vTuner web site ( and my missing station (Radio Student, Croatia) is there, but not on the list of my Naim device (Naim Uniti 1).
That means, these two databases are not synchronized and I don’t know who is supposed to do it.
Secondly, I realised that 40 is the max number of presets on my Uniti.

It’s been quite some time since I last tried to add a radio station using, but whenever I trued, it never worked. If there is a problem with vTuner, Naim have been able to contact them on your behalf to resolve issues, so you might try asking them to help.

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Naim & vTuner agree/set the stations, there are tens of thousand web radio around the world & a lot are not included. As I understand it Naim agree a Naim specific level with vTuner, but the rest is whatever vTuner choose to include for the selection that are linked to Naim’s iRadio.
But to get back to the problem, I can get & listen to Radio Student Croatia 100.5FM

Mike, did you have it on the device list or did you add it manually?
Is there any difference between devices?
I understand that some selection is being made (and has to be made).
I added Radio Student manually, problem solved.
Mike, since you are there, you can listen to this station. It is totally off, even Shazam struggles with recognition of the music they are playing.
You would not understand when they speak Croatian, but it seems they choose the hosts on a principle: the person closest to the microphone, speaks! :slight_smile:
No vocal talent necessary!

I found it on the standard Naim list; - locations, Europe Croatia
I’ not aware of differences between devises, I suspect any differences might be dependant on your & my location, we are on different servers & there is the difference.
I listened briefly, nothing to say about content

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