The Lost Recordings

Has any forum member had experience of this site and the products?

Many thanks

It’s that man again.


Thankyou, I will take a look.

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If you want to spend a whole day finding out about this label just do a search on the Steve Hoffman site.

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Thankyou, I have not visited the SH at all Im sorry to say, bit over my head I think regarding some topics.
Will go over.

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Do you know his name? I know he is behind 45 pm audiophile site and that his first name is Michael. But no second name.

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I’ve not heard any of these “lost” recordings (maybe there is a reason they were “lost”?). They seem like they have all the bells and whistles (good pressing plant, quality personage remastering) but I just can’t help but roll my eyes at the prices for some of these. They’ll take any recording these days, press it on 180 gram, and call “audiophile” and charge $$$ for it. The market is so inflated with this stuff. Everyone wanted vinyl back, and now we have it back, and obviously people are taking advantage of the market inflation and relative inexperience of new collectors to make bank. Not saying that’s what this label is doing, but it’s sure symptomatic of the problem.

It’s an excellent label, very high production values, good sound, pressings etc.

He’s Michael Ludwigs from Düsseldorf. He works in advertising but music is his big passion in life, and he loves talking about music and vinyl. I’ve corresponded with him quite a lot via email and he is a really nice guy.


I have purchased the Emil Gilels piano set and the Navarra chello set, the Arrau Beethoven plus the Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald . IMO they are all excellent.
I bought them as 176Khz/24 bit HD downloads (approxm 10 Euros per Disc) which are much more reasonably priced than the vinyl which incidentally had sold out on most of them when I went to their site.
I have now listened to all of them and there is not one that I am disappointed with.

I will say that the obsession with going after the Vinyl versions is in my opinion a waste of money since the HD digital downloads are just as good through my Auralic system.


I’ve stumbled across this guy’s films in recent months - all excellent. Really good channel he has. I love hearing about his angst regarding half speed mastering from Abbey Road studios.

Thanks Kev. He seems to be a sympathetic guy and very passionate. I discovered him through 45 pm YouTube site and subscribed. I even created two little threads on his videos here in the music room.

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If the lp comes from HD master, I generally find the same as you. No worth spending such money on the vinyl, as the digital hires sound similar.

His Einstein system looks very impressive - shown at the start and end of this film. If it sounds as good as it looks, it must be amazing.

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Yes, gorgeous! I have watched that video on his system too. But not sure about the turntable.

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I wonder if anyone on the Forum owns (or has heard) Einstein equipment? Would be interested to know what others think based on experience. Agree re: turntable. Those tube amps look smart though. Mr Ludwig is no fool and obviously impressed.

I would like too. Not sure there’s a dealer in France.

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