The making of Rega Naiad / Whathifi

A review on the legendary Rega Naiad turntable in Whathifi.

I like the carbon plinth and the sophisticated power supply. It’s still possible to order one, the waiting is 4/6 months. 30k.


No two ways about it, Rega are shedding their budget image at a steady rate.

I think they have ambitions to eat into both Linn and Naim’s traditional higher end markets .

The Naiad, with its plinth. Sad we can’t order such plinth for the Rp10 or P10. Would be cool.

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The Naiad seems like Rega’s equivalent of Naim’s Statement. Something that sets out exactly what the company can do when freed from financial constraints. The trickle down from Statement includes SL leads and the new transistors in the DR amplifiers. Rega, on the other hand, give us brilliant turntables that include learning from the Naiad project. My Planar 6 is a joy, feeding the Naim linked by SL cables and using the DR tech. We get to reap the benefits, which has got to be good.


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