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Good day to one and all, this might seem to be blasphemous! But I wondered if any one would know where I can get a copy of Supertramp’s album - ‘Supertramp’ in either Flac or MP3 format (the album with the rose/face on the cover)? I have a Vinyl copy original from back in the day, but I would like a copy for my NasDrive, as I do not want to degrade the Vinyl copy more than it is now. Hoping you might be able to help, Thanks, Nick.

Scratch that, the eponymous first album isn’t there, same for tidal.

Looking …

You can buy the cd from Amazon and rip it.

Yeah, thank you so much Robert, a great plan ‘B’, I appreciate your input my friend.

I’ve found it on some web vendors, but not the mainline companies e.g. Qobuz, HDTracks etc.
Its easy to find if you search www, some vendors offer download for free trail stuff, OK i’ve used them … but … if in doubt etc.
Amazon have it as a CD £7.99, you can rip it to MP3 on any laptop supplied rip software, but if you want FLAC, it might not be the best or even able, you’re better off with pukka ripping software such as dBpoweramp.

I have a CD version
Not sure where I bought it from

Also had the vinyl but sold it sometime in the 1980s

Saw Supertramp at Chester just before buying this album
Fantastic concert in a small club
I think they used Quad amplifiers which was very unusual for a live band.
They were not loud but great sound quality

Thanks Mike, yeah that’s already lined up as a ‘Plan B’

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A strange thread “how can I get a flac copy of a CD available on Amazon for under a tenner?”

Perhaps I’m missing something.


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Thats a good price
I know I had great difficulty finding a CD version some years ago when I got mine
Maybe they are more available now
Certainly cheaper

Hi SJB, I’m a bit concerned that the CD on Amazon is, at least on the advert I saw an imported item, and it may not be the real thing, and often an MP3 copy is less than a fiver, not that money’s the object here. The potential Flac copy is just a flight of fancy!!

Would members please abide by forum rules.

Also please note that “borrowing” a CD from someone else to rip for your own use infringes copyright and could be considered as a form of theft.

Too true Richard, thanks for the reminder!

If you’d be happy with mp3 I don’t understand why you have any concerns about buying a CD from Amazon, which ripped to CD I would expect to sound better regardless of global source. If you are concerned about the mastering, perhaps you could clarify exactly what original source you are hoping to find?

Hi, sometime ago I bought what turned out to be a Russian bootleg copy of an album, which when played had no depth to it at all, it was a very poor copy masquerading as an official copy, which made it unlistenable. So, it’s not so much that the copy is from abroad, just that I got caught out, and have a rare album that isn’t worth playing. So when I see the word ‘import’ on such as Ebay or Amazon it sends a shiver through me, and a high quality MP3 official copy of an album has to be better than something that sounds like it was recorded from a cheap record deck through a broom handle set 50ft away, me thinks!

The Amazon CD should have the Catalogue number that you could check (and if not, ask) - If you buy and find if is not genuine then you can return it. These days there are counterfeit goods everywhere.

Too true young man, too true!!

Action Records have a new copy for sale.

The catalog number is for the 1987 reissue.


Thanks SJB, I’ll take a look, appreciate your input!

Also £8 in hmv. Nothing dodgy about buying from them or WHSmiths surely?