The nagging 282 question

I rest my case, UNLESS you listen through headphones and who does ? what is that all about ?

I do and in fact when my daughters were at home and studying it was essential!

You could use it for a tape machine as well - I have mine connected to the 52 and could use it for that.

P.S.: the fact I never use it for recording is irrelevant, as it’s all about having the option. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were you I would contact both Naim and your dealer and get this agreed now. I wouldn’t wait until 2024 and possibly be told they are no longer under warranty.



Before I bought the NAC 282 about two to three years ago, I did comment on the aesthetics of the 282 as I prefer the cleaner looks of the 202. I don’t need the 2nd row buttons at all and as a matter of fact I rarely touch the buttons and dials on the front panel of the preamp as all controls are made via remote. Having said that, in the end it’s the sound that counts so I still ended up with the 282.

Being an owner of both 202 and 282, I can somehow relate to the contradictory remark made by the OP. To my ears, the 282 is warmer than the 202 as it sounds fuller in the mids, more flesh to the bones so to speak. The 202 sounds leaner in comparison. As for the overall presentation, the 282 is more forward, punchy and dynamic than the 202. The treble is more extended and has more energy than the 202. For this reason the 282 may be regarded as being brighter due to its forward and colourful character (as opposed to the flatter and more sterile presentation of the 202).


Or unavailable - someone needs to put spares aside for this. Who knows if the classic range will still be current then?

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I agree with Ryder. The 282 exceeds the 202 in all areas (apart from looks?). It made my system warmer and more transparent. It was a big upgrade.

An additional advantage of the 282 over the 202 is the inclusion of the mono button to sum L+R channels. I use this a lot when playing records that are either mono, or ones that are badly mastered from the early stereo period when they had some strange ideas about stereo mastering. I also like having a physical balance dial.

Personally, I like the look of it sitting on my shelf like it means business. :slight_smile:

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Bloody hell, is that actually real, sorry for the cynicism but that’s a factory exchange in my book

This. Is .You’re. Answer.

feeling zen-
Reminds me of the pink train that lionel tried to market for girls - are you sure this was not a marketing ploy ? L

I went from 200/202 to 282 hcdr /250dr and the most immediate change was the height of the soundstage, from just off the floor to ear level. The addition of a separate knob for balance I expected to be an improvement for slight shifts (mostly from seating). However, the 202 was actually easier to center - it would flash, but with the 282 tdc has to be seen and no mark on pre-amp to show exact spot- no big deal, but still, not a great step forward. In all other ways the 282/ 250 is a step- up. I had added the 250 before the 282. I found the change to 282 the more noticeable change. Speakers are harbeth m30.1

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Yeah probably is. But I’d have to get affected units to a Naim dealer in another country to do that. That is a major pain and inconvenience and expense. I can’t hold Naim accountable for my decision to buy their product and ship to a country with no dealers.

I think the current range of pre amps would be next in line for a refresh. They’ve been around for years unchanged (to my knowledge), they still have a mainly now defunct recording monitor and the lack of both a headphone amp and/or phono amp must frustrate many and ultimately have an impact on sales.

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At the level of the separate preamps I would never want a build-in phonostage. I can understand putting a MM phonostage in the integrated (SN2) but not for the NACs. Personally I don’t want a headphone amp either since I don’t have nor use headphones and probably never will.

I have a 282. I could do without the record monitor and really only need inputs for my phonostage and NDX2, and maybe another as a spare for something unexpected. I am glad to have the mute, mono and balance controls. That would work for me.

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You’re probably right about the phono amp, but I feel the lack of a headphone amp a problem. You spend a hell of a lot to get a Naim pre amp, then have to shell out again for a headphone. And if it’s a Naim headphone amp (a) you need a power supply and (b) lack of a remote control. Some people need them, due to consideration to others. I don’t use mine that often but I’m luck our kids have all left home (I hope). :grin:

Right, I spent a hell of a lot on a Naim preamp, and I don’t want to pay yet even more to include a headphone amp I’ll never use. Naim does it correctly to make it separate component, IMHO.


I can relate to that.

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A 282 with an inbuilt headphone amp actually on a par with the type of headphones a 282 owner is likely to have is going to add a couple $k to cost if done properly or be an low cost afterthought that headphone users will avoid by buying another one anyway. There are no winners in that scenario.

And since, in the way that speakers must be matched carefully with an amplifier, so too it goes for headphones and headphone amps. I think an external one is still the only way to go.

Now whether you like the HeadLine/<insert_power_supply_here> offerings is another matter entirely. And the issues of remote control and so forth are valid. To me it makes sense that you are free to choose a non Naim headphone amp to meet your needs.

As to the updates, yes they had a shot in the arm with 2012 DR updates. But even 2012 is a while ago now. It may be that Naim can’t think of anything meaningful to do sound quality-wise with what they currently have so they will be around for another 10 years. Maybe not. If I was to guess, I would say they are more likely to revise the 552 first and then 18 months later release replacements to the 252, 282 and 202 with a series of trickle-down enhancements.

If you buy a 282 today and Naim replace it next week, the 282 you have will sound just as good as when you bought it.


It’s also the inability to use system automation with a Naim streamer and the Naim app. I wouldn’t consider a Naim pre-amp without a headphone stage and would stay with the SN2.