The Naim Forum Album of the Year 2023

No outstanding album for me this year (unlike Miranda Lambert’s brilliant Palomino last year which did not even make the poll - shame on you all! :rofl:).

Have listened to lots of new stuff (quite a lot mentioned here by others but either I have no taste, didn’t listen enough or they just didn’t connect enough with me) - those that I seem to return to are as follows:-

Metric - Formentera 2
The Silencers - Silent Highway
Annie Keating - Hard Frost
OMD - Bauhaus Staircase

First 2 are favourite artists of mine so maybe that explains it - what do I know!


Good call on the Dominic Miller album. Not in my top 10 but a damn fine album.

I don’t usually go for the meandering melancholic ECM sound but this one managed to be relaxing without being sleep inducing.

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I didn’t participate in this thread last year, however I share your opinion of Palomino and probably would have listed it if I had :slight_smile:

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My favourite this year

Galen & Paul - Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?


I have nothing to offer, other than thanks for the long list of mostly new music i’m now off to explore



Never seen anyone post about her here before. I played her lockdown album endlessly…!

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My fav’s of the year in no particular order -

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I want to turn into you
Eddie Chacon - Sundown
EBTG - Fuse
Westerman - An Inbuilt Fault
Gabriels - Angels and Queens
Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade
Romy - Mid Air
Jamila Woods - Water Made Us
Sampha - Lahai
Cleo Sol - Heaven


Absolutely refuse to post about this before December as there’s always something to discover late on. That said, the thread so far has helped remind me of albums I’ve heard and whether I rated them or not. Has also tipped me off to some good stuff.

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The Jenny Lewis album, why not just call the first track Dreams?

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This one for me without a doubt
Best thing they have done since Let It Bleed IMHO.
RIP Charlie


I had not seen The Silencers album! Thanks for mentioning it, have it lined up for later today.

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I think Sticky Fingers and Exile might have something to say about that… :thinking:


Throwing one into the mix…
Rival Sons



This is wonderful! Passed me by when it was released but discovered thanks to this thread - thank you.

I wasn’t even aware that Hawkwind still existed. I last heard them late at night when I was a university student. The new album is great, and I realise that I have missed about 35 studio albums. The great revelation is the third mind. I have been a fan of Dave Alvin for a long time, but again, had missed this supergroup. I can’t stop playing either of the two albums. Thank you for Introducing me to new albums for 2023. I will work my way through the rest of your list.


Thanks for Westerman recommendation. Great sounding record.

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I’m glad you like it. It’s one for all the Mark Hollis and Peter Gabriel fans.