The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

Personally I like the casework for the new series, and also happy to see there are heritages of Naim DNA but also progress. Well done Naim!

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I am also very hopeful that it supports Apple Music natively and not just Airplay/Airplay 2. It would be a step in the right direction by Apple (given they needed to allow this to happen). But at the same time I am not holding my breath.

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I know that, but I wrote the coaxial output of the Ambre, not the NSC 222.

I wonder if the new ps would power the 282?


No, I don’t think so.

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272 had a CMOS switched fixed resistor ladder. NSC 222 has a ‘reed relay’ switched fixed resistor ladder… as per Statement (Statement volume control also has lots of DR PSUs, brass and springs etc ). The NSC 222 volume control is significantly better sounding than the already good 272 volume control.

FYI Both 222 and Statement use a second volume control. The second volume control takes over when adjusting the volume control. When the volume has stopped being adjusted the volume jumps back over to the relay volume.

This is because relays are comparatively slow at changing but sound great. Volume chips adjust smoothly but can be bettered in sound quality. Using both types of volume control in one product is the best solution. Note: only one volume control is used at anyone time. All controlled by a ARM processor seamlessly from the user.


Pity, would have been a good first step into the new range😉

Next thing to establish is where the streaming pre with and without pd sits sq wise vs 282 hi cap

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No, sorry.
NPX 300 will not power a NAC 282



May I ask you to clarify the Apple Music support?

It is stated the NCS 222 does Apple Music as well as Airplay.

It is also stated that it supports Audio Format: ALAC (Apple Lossless) - up to 24bit/384Hz.

Does it mean it can connect to the Apple Music lossless streaming service and play directly without the need to stream from an Apple device?


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I’m a little confused as in the photos you can see Sanken Transistors where as the brochure reads NA009 naim custom designed transistors, Hope I’m wrong as may be they are mounted beneath and hidden under…:thinking:

Appreciate your feedback @Richard.Dane


Thx for clarifying. Not surprising thinking about it as the audio routes through the hi cap dr

I own an Atom HE, I’m guessing we would need the power supply as well as New Classic 250?

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Does that mean the SQ decreases whilst the volume is being adjusted then jumps back to best SQ? Fascinating. :blush:

I like the look of the NSC 222 - very similar in design, functionality and price to the Auralic Altair G2.1 that I bought 18 months ago. Would definitely have auditioned this if it had been available at the time. I like the fact that it comes with a remote control, one of the things the Auralic doesn’t come with…

Would be interested to hear one, but not yet feeling the urge to make a comparison…

All looks very positive to me. I look forward to experiments with 1 or 2 NPX 300 power supplies on the new NSC222 :scream: From what I can gather the casework is all aluminium and proudly so from the copy. “Vinyls” isn’t brilliant, I agree, and I suppose “analog” isn’t either for UK branding. Definitely no balance knob. How does it work on the Statement? I’ve never been able to find it for the Atom HE

I love the volume on my 272 and it sounds like the 222 is even better. Good stuff.

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Interesting direction, interested to know when in moves towards the “new” 500:range. And interested to hear it and compare it to similar components in the “old” range.

How does the phono stage in the new 222 better a Superline enough to supplant it. I must be missing something?

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Will there be an alternative ‘white logo’ replacement / swap offered for the ‘Classic’ range of boxes to help visual compatibility? Assuming not, but thought I’d ask.


“New classic” , really rolls off the tongue and sounds more like an instant oxymoron. That’s the least of it. Looked at the new preamp and my 250 amp as a way to lower the box count and wiring confusion but the same multi-box upgrades are already being suggested in the system (just use TWO 300 power supplies). I do like the new caseworks and fins. I see the logo now be illuminated at 3 levels, perhaps a 2nd control for color should have been included - to keep it green, or at the very least a thin “track” at the recess where you can slide in a piece of green cellophane. Despite all that, I’ll still have a look at them but also curious about U.S. prices

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