The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

And I totally forgot question 2 :slight_smile:

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You have a NDS and 555PS with the 82/250? I think I’d look at keeping the NDS/555 and upgrading in the black classic range, as there will be bargains with discontinued new stock, or used gear from folks upgrading. I doubt the 222 would hold up against a NDS/555, and going with the classic range you will get a lot better for the same cost?


So thinking about the new classics I wonder if Naim have done something clever here, they’ve said they wanted to simplify the range and make things easier to understand… what if that applies to pricing too?

All three of the new boxes are £5.7k, maybe the NC 300 series will also be the same price per box, that could mean something like this:

Streamer £5.7k (NPX 300 optional upgrade)
Pre amp £5.7k + NPX 300 (required) = £11.4k
Power amp £5.7k + NPX 300 (required) = £11.4k
SuperNait 4 £5.7k

So a single pre amp replacing 282/252 and a successor for the 300DR, NDX2 and SN3, the prices above seem to line up when you take the cost of the classic series with their power supplies.

Some weekend musings :thinking:

Edit: added SuperNait 4 to the list


Or power amps 2 x 250 in mono configuration = 2 x £5700 maybe….


Ah, now that would be very interesting and a smart move on their part!
I wonder if a certain combination of button presses on the current NC 250 puts it into mono mode!

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“Without me going through 4k odd posts, has anyone on this thread had a chance to compare the new classic NPX300 PS to the classic 555PS ?”

I thought they both added a similar amount of uplift, just give different sound signatures.

NAIT 200 and NAIT 300 surely? :grinning:

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One would think so Mr.M

With the NAIT 300 powering out 100w just like the new classic 250 :+1:

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I very much doubt there will be a Power Amp that can use the NPX300. Totally different power requirements.


That would be a nice nod back to the old days :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, thanks James, didn’t realise that. So I guess a power supply for a power amp would be more costly than the NPX 300?

Just change to Poweramp Inc. PS £11.4K, that fits your theory.


True :grinning:

i recon a 200 series streamer would be optional psu, 300 streamer youd need it.

all very exciting

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Is it really true Slamdam?:thinking: That you can buy a used 500DR for about the same price as a new 250? Not at a dealer in Sweden in any case.

Non DR :+1: Don’t let lack of DR filter the 500-series away for you. They sound glorious.


Okay! Then I’m with you :+1:

I’ve seen 500 DR’s go for as little as £7500 on the old auction sites, so not far off! …and that includes the power supply :P. …but then you have the 500 service costs in the future.

What are the service costs on the New series going to be? This is partly what stopped me going full 500 and moving sideways.

Do they even need servicing?! Asked this earlier, perhaps @110dB could tell us please?

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I’m booked in for the Naim 200 Demonstration Day at Cymbiosis on Tuesday, 14/03/23. Anyone else else booked in?

Thought that we’d go and check out the new kit and see what they’re like in the flesh and sound like.

Been to Kudos demonstration day at Cymbiosis previously, so hopefully this should be a fun day out.