The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2

The left and right speaker outputs are the opposite of the 250DR so double check when you hook it up. Its easy to get them backwards after years of being the opposite.


I had this problem at first and it turned out to be the set up in the app. The system automation setting shows the preamp associated with the nss333. I have the nss333 connected via din to din input 7 (the middle of the three din inputs) and selected preamp 1 as the associated input. This equates to the ‘Stream’ button on the front of the NAC332.

At first I guessed the ‘Stream’ to be preamp 4 and set the association accordingly - the Nac kept switching to phono.

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Thanks. I will check with some tracks I know well, knowing on which side some instruments have to sound.

Sorry, but don’t understand how you finally resolved the problem.

In the Naim app, go to the “Streamer Automation” screen where you can select the Preamp Streamer Input. You would think the number corresponds to the socket number into which you plug in the streamer. It doesn’t! It corresponds to a virtual number assigned to the button on the front of the box.

In my case the Streamer button is number 1, the same as @Bjm so it must be standard, so I have had to select 1 as Preamp Streamer Input.


Hi @frenchrooster , sorry it was not clear - please read below and also see the response from @clog .

Connect 333 and 332 exactly as below using din cable.

On the Naim app go to settings, then system automation….

Adjust the settings exactly as below.

From the 332 manual, this is how the inputs are set up…

This bit may also help…

I hope this works.


Snow Dog and I had the pleasure of visiting PJ HiFi for the 300 Series demo run by Jason. Thanks to all invoved for setting this up and it was most enjoyable. Speakers were Audiovector R6 Arretes with NAC speaker cable. All interconnects were standard as supplied. I have floorstanders from the range below the R6 but have heard the speakers several times so they were familiar.

Jason ran the demo from the starting point of the 200 series and then introduced elements of the 300 series. First the 333, then the 332, then the power supply on the 333 and finally a second supply on the 332. All with the NC 250 driving the Audiovectors which while great, were probably a bit much for the room and our seating position.

The demo was, as usual, great and improvements were clear at each stage. Separating out the streamer and pre-amp was a big step and the power supply on the streamer was also significant. Jason’s view was that unless you have two great sources, the greatest benefit of a single power supply was on the streamer.

I thought the defining features of the series were the level of detail that was present and the near-elimination of the noise floor was probably a big factor in this - the ‘electronics’ weren’t in the way at all! I was also impressed by the tunefulness of the bass - a real sense of melody and drive. If this is what others describe as PRAT, then it was there in spades. We didn’t listen to ‘messy rock and roll’ so that will wait for an individual demo but vocal, classical and percussion tracks were all strong. I was staggered how well the NC 250 coped with all the changes, and the speakers. This is clearly a very special power amp.

We then had the 350s added. My word - I would have to be very careful with that volume control! This was a big step up from an already great power amp. If I were in the market for these (which I am not at present) I would want to explore thoroughly that my speakers / room could cope. I’d love to hear what they could do fed with some Rush!!!

In my view, the 200 series is excellent and if I didn’t already own my 282 / 250 system, I would be really happy to start there. I am going to explore streaming improvements and after this demo, the 333 is going to take some beating, particularly with the power supply.


Thanks guys, I will tell you if my dealer finds . I return at his place this afternoon. If not I will show your responses. :+1:


Enjoy your listening this afternoon and we look forward to reading about your impressions.


See my comments on the 300 NC vs 500 OC series thread.


Thank you for a thoughtful review/summary of this event.

Jason’s view is in line with Naim’s traditional ‘upgrade the source before the preamp’ approach.

This recommendation of Jason’s will obviously be of special interest to people who are focussed on a streaming only front end.

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And TT/Vinyl approach of course !!

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Although perhaps a bit less relevant as they won’t have a 333 to put the 300 on, so the 332 is the only option. :grinning:


I can say I was completely surprised of the difference the NPX300 made on the 332. Much bigger difference than going from HiCapDR to SCDR on the 282 or adding XPSDR on the NDX2 and the 272.

No interest on my end for a 333 so my decision was easy. :grinning:


Are you contemplating 2 x 350s at all?

Out of budget and don’t think they are needed with the D7.2s.

I’m sure if I heard them I’d want them and I’m pretty much done expect for phono cartridges as my audio budget is pretty much tapped out.

So I will avoid listening to them like the plague

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Great comments Rooster thought you nailed it :ok_hand:

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Very inteeresting. As I remember it a few persons or at least one has tried 555 on a 222 and liked the result, but I am not sure this was compared to a 300, most likely you do not compare when you already has a 555 on hand. Anyway interesting times in the future. I wonder if I should go for 555 on 332 or save up for 350s. It will have to wait a while anyway.

@Claus I’m one of those people who is using 555DR (two burndies) on 222, and although I heard the 222/300 at the dealers I didn’t hear 222 with a 555. Dealer was convinced the 555 would be better than 300, but obviously you miss the added functionality and have a green logo! I’m waiting to hear from someone who has a 555 on a 332, which will be a very interesting combination.

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My guess is the 555 Would be better than the NPX300. Especially with the dual burndies. Here in the States they are rare and expensive so I didn’t even think of trying one.