The Naim New Classic range

Great combo, yes, fully compatible


Most important of all; what’s the nomenclature for the New Classic 250 to differentiate from 250DR? NC250? 250DR2??

The current Classic series is also labeled with “DESIGNED AND MADE IN ENGLAND”…


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I wasn’t far off.



Many thanks for the explanation

It’s why I retired early :blush:


The card looks to be mounted vertically, just behind the phono input plugs. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same card as the XS3/SN3?

No news on that Solstice stage, but surely releasing that standalone will be an option at some point in this new classic range. Particularly given it’s fully in-house.

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So glad that there is finally a successor to the NAC-272 in the form of the NSC 222, although it is with a hefty price tag. That will be saving, yes saving for a very long time.

I now have the NAC-272 and with the Metrum Acoustics Ambre as the end point I am now able to offer Roon to the NAC-272 in a proper way via the coaxial output of the Ambre. I’ve been waiting for a successor with Roon ready for a long time. Unfortunately, the NAC-272 doesn’t yield much more on the second-hand market

Maybe a stupid question, but the NSC 222 is Roon ready, but can it also be used as an endpoint? Anyone who knows an answer to that?

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Sadly I didn’t have time. Missed the big reveal, and had an annoying work commitment instead. I have a cup of tea now and am catching up on the news. It all seems very exciting!

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Big congratulations. I like the compatibility with legacy products as well as the advances in future design - well done to Naim.


Thank you Richard.

I hope if it is persplex it does not scratch easily. Otherwise there will be a market for “Naim New Classic Protectors” emerging.


What do you mean, used as a Roon endpoint- it doesn’t have a digital ouput to feed an external DAC ?

I think the 272 employed a simple chip ladder…volume…this looks to take it a step closer to the statement…

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I don’t understand that discussion. They will not lie. And Richard already confirmed that this new classic range is built in Salisbury. Apart some assemblies made by specialists.


I am disappointed in the new pre-amp/streamer in that it seems to have only 3 analogue inputs viz, MM-phono, DIN-line, and RCA-line. The previous pre-amps had 6 inputs (although you lost one if you were drivinh a headline).

My services were… dispensed with… And I did not seek further work… :astonished:



A UK dealer published: “The NPX 300 power supply upgrade, that is part of the first wave of products, is from the 300 series and will become the default power supply for some of these forthcoming products as well as being an upgrade for the existing Solstice turntable and phono stage.”

Can you tell us how the new power supply works with the Solstice and its phono stage? I don’t see a DIN out to power the NVC-TT. Thanks.



I does not need to feed an external DAC to be Roon Endpoint. It can feed the internal DAC and pre-amp.

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