The Naim New Classic range

You mean Ebay.

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A work of art I was thinking of putting mine in an enclosed cabinet (When it arrives) but after seeing this maybe I won’t very nice enjoy and keep us informed on the progress Thank you.

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‘Christies’, for Classic ‘Original’ is an antique now I hear.


Bonhams have been known to cater for the “Classic” customer.

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Totally agree…the new classic range is very young I suspect the sonic character will shift into a still better plain…review the new classic range in 3 months time…they should be excellent…!!!

Wherever it’s made. :roll_eyes:

Received my nsc222 today. It is installed and now playing with Vera p150/600rs. In february i will hopefully receive my New Classic 250.

Straight out of the box it sounds like a typical Naim. Muscular and with a big smooth midrange. Drive&pace is as good as it gets. I have a feeling that this preamp connects me emotionally with music very easy.
The dac and streamer is obviously on a very high level, even straight from the box.

I had a Supernait 3 with hicap dr last year and i must say that i just loved that sound.
The soundquality from nsc 222 is definitely Naim. There is just more of all the qualities that i loved with sn3 and hicap. Cleaner more evolving more depth in soundstage. Everything is more precise.
This unit will give me years of musical enjoyment that is for sure. Thank you Naim🎶


Not sure this was covered before; but seeing the Naim DAC is confirmed as not compatible with the NPX300, does that mean NDX Gen 1 is also incompatible?

I don’t think so, as the NDX doesn’t use the PCM1704 DAC, so should be OK.

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Thanks Richard, not that I can afford one yet…and a new streamer when it arrives may be a better bet. Good option though.

I do not have nor did I have a 250. I have ATC SCM40A active speakers :blush: Very easy to mistake new classic 250 with 300.

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One point I have noticed about the 300 :dark_sunglasses:
I have previously owned a XPS DR and 555 DR. Both hummed loudly, when connected to my mains supply and the XPS liked to blow fuses on power up. The hum was so bad, due to my seating position, that I had to invest in a D.C. blocker. It stopped the hum :+1:
However, the 300 has so far not blown any fuses and is as quiet as a mouse :mouse:.
Oh, and it seems to make a nice enhancement to the 222 :blush:


@NoNaim if you don’t mind me asking which DC blocker did you use? I have a similar problem, cheers Gary

I believe it was mentioned earlier in this thread the the process of manufacturing the transformers had changed for the new series. Also the way they are bolt down to the chassis and the position of the transformer in the chassis has changed.


@Garydod The D.C. blocker was a MCRU Excelsior Mk2.

That’s my experience too. I replaced my XPS-2 (which had a constant hum and a tendency to blow fuses) with the new 300 power supply last week. It does not hum and in terms of sound quality it is a considerable step up.


Richard, many thanks for your efforts as allways!

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Well, all I can say is that Naim have done a very good job :+1::ok_hand::blush:




@Garydod I just remembered, that I the blowing fuses, was particular to the XPS. The 555 never blew a fuse, but I put this down to the higher rated internal fuse in the 555. I have seen other XPS owners on here with blowing fuses. I changed the XPS for the 555, no more blowing fuses, but more hum. This is when I bought the Excelsior and the hum was reduced to a level that was not noticeable, besides sticking my ear next to the 555 :+1: