The new Musical Fidelity A1

Who already has the new Musical Fidelity A1? What’s your opinion of this amp?

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One that I dreamed about when I was much younger and couldn’t afford it. I’ve always found it very sexy. Tempted to get one for a second system, but not sure where I’d put that system!

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Don’t own but have had occasion to view and hear through a friend who collects. It’s a weird one. It was never the prettiest thing and it’s certainly not the last word in anything but there’s something there which makes you realise that detail and soundstage etc. really don’t matter as much as stuff sounding balanced and coherent. It’s certainly not something I would need or consider owning but for certain systems I can imagine it would be a joy.

Have you read the reviews? They’re an interesting mix and I think there’s truth in all of them both good and bad.

There’s perhaps a separate and interesting discussion to be had about companies resurrecting old products at this point in time. Very much a sense, for me, that the market is splitting into analogue, analogue/digital and just digital. Some companies seem reluctant to commit to pure analogue with new products as I suspect they think current consumers and newbies won’t really get them whereas analogue dressed up in old clothing has an instant appeal to a specific demographic and perhaps beyond.


Still got one of the original units :+1:


I loved my original A1 back when it was introduced.

It was the first amp my wife and I purchased together.

Usefully it acted as an additional radiator in our house, it ran that hot.

I’d have definately auditioned if I hadn’t already purchased my Roksan Attessa Streaming Amp.

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I heard the original at a party in the 80’s.
It sounded really good.
To my ears back then, fast and coherent.

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We had one at Pro Musica in Chicago. It was very pleasant but not enormously good.

It spent most of its time melting the plastic layer off LP sleeves mistakenly laid upon it.

If I still had one I might be tempted to add this new edition and run the two as a novelty Tasty Toast maker.


Blurb says the new one has a larger cabinet for better ventilation so it might double up as a fan heater now.

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I have the Sugden A21a (current model) which is similar class A spec, lovely amp.
I’m just about to get it out of its summer hibernation for house heating, listening, and comparison with my Naim Nait 50.


Do please report back. It’s a comparison I’m interested in.

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I still have my original one setup in a cupboard with a cheap turntable and Wharfdale 504. Had to clean the Pots recently, but it only gets used once a year when I bring out the LP’s.
It took a back seat when I brought an Arcam Alpha 10, which was quickly replaced with Naim stuff.
I’m surprised at the price on the new one - perhaps I should look to sell mine. In terms of comparison, then from what I have read, it’s more or less identical, so I wouldn’t expect much difference.

Was quite warm at the recent Staverton show. I remember hearing the original in the mid-80s,I then replaced with a 42/110. At Staverton it was demo’d with a £3000+ t/t combo and £4000+ speakers.

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Sounds about right. I have fond memories of the original with a Pink Triangle front end and a pair of Tannoy Westminster Royals in the early nineties.

Never had an A1, but I did have a closely related class A MF setup with MA65 monoblocks. It was, in effect, a more powerful A1 (65 wpc) in three boxes (along with Preamp 8). It used essentially the same casework as the A1 but with a chrome front plate. The extra power meant it could manage more demanding speakers and drive bass along more effectively, but it had a similar sound signature to the A1 from which it was derived. Like the A1, it majored on warmth and euphony and, to my ears, contrasted sharply with the speed and rhythm of the first Nait, with which it was roughly contemporary.

Eventually it got replaced by a Naim XS system.


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