The new speakers conundrum

Okay; this is where I start to get lost🤷🏻‍♂️
HiCap, HiCap DR, Flatcap, NAPSC…
So many different power supplies, I don’t have a clue.
The first advice I got was HiCap2 DR, which I have bought.
BUT; apparently multiple variations of auxiliary boxes in one system can make all kinds of beneficial enhancements.
I thought I knew a bit about HiFi, but this is a minefield and I have no map🤷🏻‍♂️

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I’ve had Dynaudio S40 and now have Contour 20is (got a great deal on them hence the change). When demoing them I also heard the Evoke 30. Loved all three of them; S40 more in your face, Evoke was definitely the least refined but still a lot of fun. Contour 20i is more understated but v forgiving and somehow makes all music sound incredibly organic. Its not as immediate as the S40 but has a lot of depth if you give it time. If you liked the Evokes, would def try those others in the Dynaudio range to compare. The Contour 20 actually outperformed the Evoke for bass extension.

The NAPSC takes over powering the noisy logic and control circuits from the preamp. On the next preamp up (282) it’s required, but it’s optional on the 202, though strongly recommended for best SQ.



Hi, thank you for that. However, the contour’s don’t tick one of the primary boxes. I’m really looking at Floorstanders🙁

+1 for the Evoke 50. Closest for me was ProAc D30RS. Really came down to the looks in the end.
As is widely known quite extended home trial is really important.

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The choice of speaker is going to be hyper critical…you definately need to be in the hands of a good dealer…and you must take your amp along…you could try the Spendor A7…

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My vote is for ProAc! They have the ability if setup correctly to throw a big soundstage and simply disappear as a sound source. Really try and get a listen… I’d add that assuming you’re in the UK ProAc’s ought to be fairly reasonably priced… D20R or D30RS… stick with the ribbon tweeter models.
I had a SN2 with HiCap DR. Used it with Dynaudio Special 40’s . Not a great match for me. Dynaudio’s like power. They are rather inefficient and a difficult load.

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NAC’s still in the box and the NAP isn’t here yet.
We’ll try with the Supernait 3 and see where we stand.
30 years with my Keilidh’s are going to make this an interesting process.
Not gonna lie, both excited and frightened of the road ahead…:warning::grimacing:

Hi @QuickSticks and welcome to the forum, asking for advice here while helpful can send you down a rabbit hole you may never re-emerge from.

There’s a lot of people here who think Neat speakers area good match with Naim electronics. They have a rather large range and I’m sure you may find something that both suits your taste and budget. Good luck.


When I demoed your pre/power Naim combination, the dealer proposed some ProAc speakers. I prefer Wilson Benesch but I don’t have any Naim in my system!

Enjoy the journey and trust your ears. If you think it sounds better, regardless of what anyone tells you, then it probably does. Don’t get hung up on specifications or focus on specific areas of performance. Keep asking yourself; does it sounds like real live music. Does it make you want to play air guitar or the air drums? If you try to go in this general direction you won’t go too far wrong. Good luck with your speaker search and enjoy the forum.


I understand you are on a budget but… what will 1 grand represent 10 years from now :-). I am the very very very happy owner of a pair of Spendor D9.2 and I can’t describe how happy I am with them. The difference between the D7 and the D7.2 is significant. Less edgy especially on the highs and better bass due to change to the cabinet… If the Spendor are your favorite… you will ask forever if you made the right choice going with something else… I recommend you to cut on the grocery for a year and go with de D7.2 :-). You’ll never regret.


Hi Pete, thank you for the welcome.
Listened to the Neat Motive SX1 and PMC Twenty5:23i today briefly, but not on a system that equated to that which I am building.
My dealer has offered to bring them out for home demo in a few weeks, when he returns from holiday. This is the same guy that built my LP12🙂


I absolutely get what you mean.
I am intending to home demo those along with the Dali Rubicon 6’s in a couple of weeks time. This is the dealer I bought my Roksan’s and my phono stage from, so we know each other well🙂

Make sure the Spendor you got for testing are well broken in… it takes a lot of time before they get to their best… Happy listening.

I ran both the Neat SX1 and PMC Twenty5 23’s on Naim system, in my view the PMC’s were way ahead. I like both the Proac and Spendor floor standers, my dealer currently has a nice ex demo set, black ash, of the D.7.2’s, I had them on home demo. The A7’s are also great speakers, maybe sweet spot of the Spendor range in terms of value/performance.

I have now booked a Demo Day next Thursday to listen to the Sonus Faber III and the ATC SM40 products.

As most of the ‘Black Boxes’ have turned up now and are still packaged, I’m seriously considering taking them with me to the demos…:thinking:

Also in the process of setting up a home demo for the Dali Rubicon 6’s and Spendor D7.2’s :crossed_fingers:t2:

Following a successful demo today, the WINNER IS: :drum::drum::drum::drum::drum::drum::drum:

DYNAUDIO EVOKE 50!:partying_face::partying_face:

Todays purchase also included a NAP SC 2 and my lovely wife agreed a Naim Frame (full fat version).

What a fabulous day, the system is now complete and will be built and up and running as soon as these final elements are delivered.

I would like to thank all of you who contributed to this thread for your input and support. It’s been an interesting experience and I look forward to continuing to contribute to other threads as a Naim owner in the future.


Congrats. What did the dynaudios do that the Sonus didn’t?


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