The next new model from Focal/Naim


Brilliant or bollocks?
Is it recommended to blind test it before buying?

I would like to order one please!

Can someone tell me which cables I need to hook this up to my Flatcap 2X?

As it comes in a single container, I am thinking it must be part of the Uniti range.

You can buy that too:

Acoustic treatment for your car

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Shouldn’t it be ‘Sanitiser’?

My thoughts exactly.

I can be either - the z is predominantly found in North America whereas in the UK the s is more common.

Apparently it needs a NAPSC to glow in the dark, and there is an ongoing debate regarding whether to upgrade to 2 x HiCap or a SuperCap.

But what is it’s purpose? Do we need to use it if our Naim gear isn’t double jabbed?

Conection cleaner?

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The hand sanitiser creates a sonic barrier from your hands to your remote keeping and EMF/EMI/MFI from your music devices. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

You can also use it to clean your ear out

OK, the second one may not be true.

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