The Old Forum content


Sorry if it’s been answered somewhere else, but will the old posts be accessible?

I would be very sorry to lose them. I first signed up in 2002 when I was shopping for a replacement for my Nait 1. Over the last 16 years I posted every now and the forum became like an old friend. Every once in a while I would look through my old posts and it fun trip down memory lane.

Just last month I was looking at posts from 2002 and enjoying the old discussions, which included the late Frank Abella’s many thoughtful posts. This is a community for me, one that I don’t share with anyone I have ever spoken to face to face but is nevertheless meaningful to me. I also have to admit taking some pleasure in knowing that no matter how many times Mangomokey or HH posted they could never backdate their memberships to 2002 ; ).


IJHB, yes, the old forum content is in the process of being archived on the Naim website. Once done it will be accessible and searchable for old content.


Richard will it be back to being Google searchable? Searches just directly from Google were quite effective - better than searching on the old forum itself sometimes!

Unfortunately right now Google still has it all cached, but when one goes to follow a link from Google the ‘site unavailable’ message appears. Hopefully Google will catch up to that (eventually)


Bart, I’d imagine so, but without knowing what form or format the archive will take, I couldn’t say for certain.


Looking forward to the archive. When I search Google for e.g. hifi racks, good chance that it is pointing to the old Naim forum. A big treasure for sure!


Currently listening to Ariel on reissued vinyl so I’m looking forward to re-reading your reviews Richard :blush:



Keith, I hadn’t quite reached Ariel in my reviews. I had got to the Red shoes. Listened to both of the new reissues in the last few days. The Red shoes, I never had on vinyl. Ariel, I did have on vinyl, but haven’t yet done a comparison. What I can say is that the new reissue is a cleaner pressing!


Thanks Richard. I only had Ariel on CD and I think this sounds quite different so far. For example, the buzz on the left speaker on bass right at the beginning of King of the Mountain is either gone or much less prominent.

Sorry to go off topic in the FAQ!


I think the initial release vinyl to be musically far more satisfying than the cd, but it is a scrappy pressing and a half. I might even buy the new one now…


I searched this morning for mixing 135s and 250s and was pointed to a google search, which found threads in the old forum but as reported by others could not open them. Hence I started a new thread. Not that I am complaining but looking forward to the archives!


Richard, is there a rough ETA on when the old content will be accessible? So much good stuff there, a really valuable resource.

Love the new format too.


Bob, it’s currently in Naim’s hands so I can’t give you a definite ETA as I’m directly not involved in putting it together, however I’d imagine Naim will get it out and posted up as soon as they can. @NaimAdmin may be able to give a more accurate estimate on timescale.


Well I finally got around to re registering so here is my first post on the new forum (member of the old since 2003)

I understand that all content from the old forum will be archived and become read only. My question - what has happened to the threads on the old forum which I have participated on - and wish to continue posting on? Are they now all dead without any way of continuing to contribute to them? As an example there was an ongoing headphone thread started by Bert which was quite active - is this now forever closed? Will a new one need to be started - and if so how would one continue on with the thread and theme of the discussions already started there?
Quite honestly I am a bit confused with all of this.



Gregg, yes, all the old threads on the old forum are now forever closed and are being archived - they could not be moved over to the new platform. So it means you’ll need to start a new thread on here if you wish to continue a discussion.


Maybe anyone reviving an archived thread could link to it from the new thread for information if they think the old thread still contains information relevant to the discussion.


Thank you for the reply and explanation

PS Bert if you are watching - start your headphone thread up again :slight_smile: