The perfect trio: NDX2/EtherREGEN/Farad Super3

Got my Farad Super3 today and the combination of the three is so marvellous I had to share it.

I don’t know how to describe it but I can feel the vividness and it definitely makes a difference changing the EtherREGEN’s power supply to the Super3.

Next I’ll try an Atlas Hyper Streaming cable and I’m very tempted to order the Farad Level 2 DC cable.

Can’t stop listening to it. So please excuse me. :wink:

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The men in the white costs are on their way…keep posting in the mean time as some of us are still deciding. Glad you are happy, not sure what i will do, never dithered so much😬


Glad for you it works because I had the same combo 2 months ago. 12v Farad with ER.
I let the Farad burn in maybe 300 hours but some brightness couldn’t go out.
The Farad gives more details, more dynamics and openness vs the stock SMPS.
But on 30% of my albums I had some edgyness that didn’t suited me.

I then tried the Uptone lps 1.2 , which was softer but gave minimal uplift.
Finally an MCRU pinnacle which gave me the dynamics, soundstage and details of the Farad , but fuller and more organic sound, without any brightness.

Each system, each ears, each mains…


Don’t know if it makes any difference but I was recommended the 9v version for the EtherREGEN by Farad.

Glad you found everything you like in the MCRU pinnacle.


I followed the 12v recommendation from the review on Audiophile style . But I also read that some preferred 9v on forums, with the Farad.
Maybe it’s the reason I didn’t worked perfectly for me. 9v may be better.

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