The Price of Vinyl

Doesn’t say anything new, but an interesting read nonetheless


Most “new” LPs are now in the $40-$50 CDN range for me, so that’s about £25 to £30. I guess when you factor in inflation that is about right if they were going for about half that price 20 years ago.

On the other hand there are some crazy prices out there these days for some albums. I was going to pick up a copy of Hawkwind : Warrior On The Edge Of Time but the only place in Canada I can find it is on Amazon, currently “reduced” to $84 which is about £50. Its “list” price is over $100 (£70) Pretty crazy for a re-issue, albeit remixed by Mr Wilson.

One of the bands I like on Bandcamp (Oresund Space Collective) regularly has delays in getting his vinyl pressed, probably for the reasons given in the article.

I think the trouble is that, mentally, I always think of CDs being more expensive that records. (A product of the 80s :grinning:).

So seeing new CDs at less than a tenner just means that new vinyl seems excessive.

All demand and supply, and if new pressing plants are now opening, hopefully prices will close in on CDs


A 552 was £12575 in 2005.
In 2023 it was £25999.

I feel like vinyl has seen the same increase in price.

The cost of new LP’s is beyond what I am willing to pay. Happy to see the revival, but I will continue to only buy old, vintage LP’s, via Discogs… :expressionless:

For anything new, its CD’s for me.

YMMV… :crazy_face:

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