The road towards a single-box system

I currently have a reasonably high-end six box system: 252/SC, NDS/555PS plus 300/300PSU This is driving Focal Sopra No 1 stand mounters which I’m intending to replace. I’m looking to reduce the number of boxes, ideally to one. If adding extra boxes make a major difference I may consider adding them at a later date. - I want to spend a reasonable few weeks with the one box system so I grow to know it.

Plan is to demo the new 222 pre-amp/streamer with ATC SCM40A actives and then try the new NPX to see the difference. I then want to try adding the new 250 power amp with a passive set of ATC SCM40s to see if it betters ATC’s built-in active power amps.

With a fair wind this should happen on Tuesday. I’ll report back with how I get on.


Similar to what I have done…

I had 552, NDS/555 and 300 into Focal Kanta’s. When I moved house the sound collapsed…. Tried lots of different speakers and still sounded poor but that’s a different story related to room construction.

I tried the passive ATC’s powered by the 300 and whilst they were decent a dealer recommended the actives. These sounded great and by selling 300, super lumina speaker cable and connectors it was a self funding upgrade that released a little extra cash!

I currently have 4 boxed (552 and NDS with power supplies) and that works just fine. I did explore the fancy 30k Linn one no. and whilst it had a transparency to die for it was a little too polite and I missed the Naim sound that kind of demands you to listen to it.

I’m ideally placed for Naim’s new streaming pre with power supply that could half box count again although pretty sure that initial offerings won’t compete with separates but higher end versions will eventually land.

King here is to demo active / passive ATC’s in your room with current set up as it could be as simple as removing the power amp as a first step. (BTW I also tried the Atc 50’s and they were better still but too over powering for my room sadly)


Hope that helps


I’m setting up a home demo with NSC222 and active SCM40’s at the moment.
It will probably be on 16th February and I am hoping it is as good as the discussion on the “New Classic” thread indicates it could be. :crossed_fingers:t3:


I currently run active 40s from my 282. They are much better to my ears than the passives running through a 250dr. So much control and energy but not in any way fatiguing.

Also tempted by the 222 and ps


We will try a number of combinations on the day.
First using my NAP 200 and Dynaudio’s but also the single box with the Active 40’s.
It will all depend on the performance with my Cyrus Phono & LP12, as I mostly listen to Records. Of course that could change with a “Streaming Amp” in the mix…

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Be careful what you wish for. Since I started streaming the LP12 hasn’t had much of a look in. :wink:


For my my solstice is still what I listen to 80% of the time so the quality of the pre amp in the 222 is more important than that of the streamer


Yeah, since putting the system in the Media Room I am making less & less trips up the garden to the Cabin/Listening room & as a result am streaming from Qobuz all the time.
Cabin will be restored with new racks for my records next week hopefully, so that might encourage me to wander up there more.
At the moment it’s difficult to find records, as they’re all in boxes🤷🏻‍♂️


For what it’s worth I moved from a 252 250 atc passive 40s. To 252 active 50’s

Not looked back

The 50’s are a fantastic speaker and with a xlr make a quick connection to a 222

I am holding out for a series 300 pre

Hoping for a similar feature list as the 222 but with a mc phono

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Hi @bitsrbits, it’ll be interesting to hear how your audition goes. When I compared active 40s with passives driven by a 250DR, fronted by 272/XPSDR, I had a strong preference for the active setup, but that probably reflected my tastes in music (mostly acoustic — classical, jazz, folk and the like). I do think active operation brings something distinctive to the party which goes beyond the different makes of power amps; there’s a tangibility and spatial precision to the sound picture which I find adds substantially to my musical enjoyment. If my room were bigger, I’d be looking for a pair of active 50s!



I’ve reduced everything down to a uniti star with KEF reference 3’s. Best sound combo I’ve heard. I’ve been through Linn ATC etc in the past, it’s all so subjective though! Have fun choosing.

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Unfortunately I’ve had to cancel the audition day on Tuesday because of a family emergency. Will re-arrange for a later date.

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