The source story

So here’s an interesting one that happened to me.

My beloved cat wanted to listen to music yesterday but I was going out for the full day, so I switched from my Mscaler Dave to the streamer to analog output and set it on radio paradise.

I did, however forget to switch It back to the Dave.

I sat down for some listening last night, and I just did NOT feel like listening. It sounds strangely crude to my ears… what is going on? maybe I am tired

Again now, I put on the system, and didn’t feel like listening at all, in fact the full day I didn’t want to come to listen to the system (tried a few times and thought my mood is not for music). It sounds strangely crude to my ears (again) … what is going on?

Then I looked up, and saw the lights were not on, (on the Mscaler)

Ok switched the output back from analog output on the streamer back to digital optical out, the lights are now on the Mscaler, the music is back…

and I am enjoying the music all over again.

Now I undertand (again) why I paid the money for the Mscaler/Dave… I am enjoying the album tremendously… the fun is back, the music is back :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it is an expensive source, but it sure makes listening to albums very engaging, and takes away all my stressful thoughts for the while the music is playing… thank you very much Chord (Rob Watts), Naim and Dynaudio for making this possible, almost recreating a live event in my music room.


Are Rob Watts bigger than Naim Watts?

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@Analogmusic I did not find your system details in your profile. Would you be so kind to share your system details here? I am curious which Naim and Dynaudio components you combined the Dave and M-Scaler with.


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When you rob Watts, you get more of them.


Dynaudio focus 260

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May have missed it but what exactly are you using as a ‘streamer’/digital transport?

I don’t want to mention it here, it has a decent analog output for the price, but not obviously at the level of a chord Dave

Chord has robbed Naim watts sells. The guy of Chord has a nickname « Rob Watts «

Mentioned in the recent ABBAS Audio DDC thread

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I’ve never understood why people don’t just put their system details in their profiles. It removes the need for questions to be asked. Maybe the WiiM pro is just so wonderful that it needs to be shrouded in a veil of mystery.


It shares this aspect with my wife.


A suggested listen for your cat and yourself, Loudon Wainwrights “Me and My Friend the Cat”. :joy_cat:

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Do you have the pro or the pro plus?

I use the Pro, didn’t think the pro plus would add anything more as a transport

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