The UK Hi-Fi Show Live Ascot 2023

Hi Folks…I used to always go to the Heathrow show every year and then the show at Whittlebury Park in Northampton. This year was my first at Bristol which I thought was very good and enjoyed. Is this Ascot show very similar or better, not been to the Ascot show before. I see a lot of brands are being represented but you can’t tell if this is the brand stand or just a dealer who is representing them and a few others. The The UK Hi-Fi Show Live is coming up Sept 29th-Oct 1st 2023

Thanks for any comments

I’m going on the Friday, mainly as I have a freebie trade day ticket and it’s 10 mins from home.

I went before lockdown. I preferred the environment to Bristol and there was a lot more high end/esoteric stuff at this show (as well as the more affordable kit). Very little AV that year but that could have changed. I’m going on Sunday.