The Weather

Well I’m in the northeast US and with warm to hot weather here comes the wild weather; not like the Midwest also known as Tornado Ally.
Still we’re getting some crazy thunderstorms and winds. I’ve pretty much shut down and unplugged my system, seems that every other day is a storm…How about you fellows?

Where I live, all the electricity lines are underground so I don’t really worry about doing this. We do get occasional summer electrical storms where I live on the south coast of the UK, as I live near the top of a hill, I sometimes have wonderful light shows to enjoy.

I’m also in the U.K. with an underground power supply to my house. I also have two aerials on the roof, and a satellite dish on a south facing wall. All the aerials feed into an amplifier before feeding my the various units in my system.
My strategy is to follow storms on an online lightning map, and when the storms / lightning strikes approach within a mile I shut my system down.

It’s not impossible for buried cables to be hit by lightning (although less likely). It can also cause damage through copper phone lines (and Ethernet cables connected to them) as well as coax TV cables, etc.


I have buried cables too, but that doesn’t preclude huge surges from up the line, or a direct hit on the house!

I also have underground cables for phone/TV/broadband which as with mains electricity does offer a higher degree of protection. I agree there is a risk, but it is minimal and one that I am prepared to live with whilst at home. Hopefully, I will not live to regret this relaxed attitude to this particular risk.

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