The wooden finish Mu-so is finally here

This is 2020, not the 1950s. There are more pressing concerns - social and environmental. I fully agree with HH.

Bentley cars start at around £150,000 which just happens to be very close to the cost of a Naim Statement (without source or speakers of course).

Just saying…

Except in this case there is a very real and serious connection - both in brand and in engineering (see my post above) - that gives this a little bit more depth than just a luxury branding exercise. There’s a nice bit of circularity to it. I have one of the original Naim for Bentley Mu-Sos and it always makes me smile when I see the Naim for Bentley logo on the lit base, as I appreciate that one begat the other and it’s a bit like the Mu-Sos way of saying “thanks”…



I suppose this is not that different to using a Harban or equivalent plinth for an ‘LP12’ (’’ used as LP12 is really a generic term nowadays). It’s still an ‘LP12’ but those who went this way like it and recognise the aesthetic quality it brings, and were prepared to pay the price (inc. me). In the same way, many Bentley buyers spec their cars to their own tastes, some very much OTT it seems but it’s their dough.

I’m not sure anybody outside the inner-circle will appreciate the circularity bit nor the provenance of the Mu-So.

And, I think I’m correct in saying, there’s an irony here that corded headphones, even Bentley branded ones, cannot be used with a Mu-So2? One of the reviews I’ve read (Forbes) suggests so but then spec list says there’s no output jack on the MuSo?

Sorry guys, I’m on my mobile and hit the wrong button, I did not intend to flag the post.

My point was that proof of capability or not, the Statement is available for sale to people who can afford it, just like the Bentley and every other luxury item that is beyond the reach of the vast majority.

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Indeed, somewhat ironic I guess when both products are presented together.

This was what I was getting on about earlier when I asked if the Mu-so 2 had a headphone output but nobody answered.

Anyway, just like Leica does with its luxury partners and limited edition models, its merely a way to make a few extra $ and promo branding with existing product that’s easy to modify. Traditionalists will get all bent out of shape about it, but at the end of the day, it’s these little things that may keep the company afloat.

Traditionalist are usually users set in their way and perhaps haven’t even bought a new piece of Naim/Leica in years and entirely satisfied with what they have, so other than a perceived watering down of their own connection to the company, these luxury partnerships typically won’t affect the perception of new buyers and may even bring in well heeled clientele who weren’t paying attention before.


Indeed. Too easy to react on the first surge of adrenalin, perhaps borne from the perception of an absence of VFM in charging ‘how much!’ for what is a standard item at heart, with wood and decals substituted/added. Now if it sounded better…?

In reality, I suspect (no, I know from many posts hereon), people have spent material monies on tweaks and (supposed) upgrades which haven’t worked out as anticipated - it’s kinda all fun at the fair for a small-market interest that is quality hi-fi.

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I think one must be careful not to over-read an announcement like this one. As Richard points out, this is Naim trying to engage with more parties who are prospective purchasers of Naim kit - in theory at any level. Some Forum members started with Uniti-range products and have invested more, having got the bug.

It isn’t a conscious re-branding strategy (upmarket) from all other evidence to date - indeed with the MuSo (aided by Bentley project experience) and Uniti ranges, the approach has been to the contrary, with the buy-in to the brand being cheaper than it’s ever been, with a visible ladder of progression. If there is an oddity, it’s at the top end with Statement, which Naim readily recognise.

PE normally focus on sustainable returns when building and disposing of a business (purchasers aren’t daft) and marketing manoeuvres like this, piggy-backing on Bentley’s brand quality (one of the best going), can offer great profile for modest outlay. It’s certainly not brand-diluting for Naim. More like birdseed scattered on the ground - just gotta await the birds.


I know of a couple of people with full 500 systems who started with a Muso


I also think there’s an automatic assumption that wealthy people are into hifi, which often couldn’t be further from the truth. So they may be into luxury automobiles, but know little beyond “Alexa, play…” So this is a way to possibly bring them into the fold. Same deal with Leica etc. And no way do I ever want, nor could afford, a Lenny Kravitz special edition Leica, but just because they made it and sold a few to some millionaires, doesn’t mean my Leica M10 no longer functions as it should or have less value to me as a tool I use practically every day.


One could say luxury hifi is also totally inappropriate for the modern world. Cuts both ways. Easiee to express opinion by not buying what you disapprove of.

IIRC Bently derived DSP is the heart of Muso tech.

Personally I preferred the look of the Bently special Edition Muso that were in the last range. Especually loved the look of the Dubai Edition brassy Muso. Less bling or more Dune. Sadly I couldn’t get one.

I think that complaining about the cost of a Bentley on a forum where it’s perfectly acceptable to own and discuss multi thousands of dollars or pounds of audio equipment, expensive food and wine, Rolex’s, Porsche’s, Jags, BMW’s etc is without a doubt the height of hypocrisy.


Think you’ve just hit the nail on the head, kind of the pot calling the kettle thingy :+1:

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A vehicle that does 20 miles or less to the gallon is not fit for the 21st century people who own these cars just want to burn the planet and they probably fly everywhere too.


I think the people that wont buy this product are those that can afford a Bentley.

Perhaps a Bentley owner might buy one for their retiring butler?

“no place in the modern world”???

so luxury is only for the monarchy of the old days and not for people who
achieve success today!

do you think a 555PSDR has a “place in the modern world”?

There’s a faint whiff of double standards in this thread while it’s true the Bentleys are dinosaurs I don’t think there’s too many here can throw any rocks with any clear conscience. Sorry guys all Naims products are luxury items, no one really “needs” a $100,000 hi fi.

My original comment was based on the photography and the fact of teaming up a Muso with a set of headphones when there’s no headphone jack. Most people looking at that photograph would assume it did.


This is probably a good ethical question, given that a 272 has an onboard power supply. One could forgo the 555 PS for an XPS DR and give the balance towards a worthwhile cause, or even forgo the the XPS DR and give more to charity. Off course, then the whole system of taxation and welfare come into play. Hence the difficulty with such random double standards as “your car has no place”, but my swanky hi-fi does.


Given the current debacle with firmware I think the resources could be better spent and used in software development for their core business rather than some flights of fancy for the super rich with vulgar cars.