The wooden finish Mu-so is finally here

That took a while! I knew about this one before leaving Naim, but it’s finally announced.

“ This Special Edition is the first ever Naim Mu-so to feature a wooden finish. It is crafted from Ayous, a sustainable African hardwood, which is then expertly stained and repeatedly lacquered to give a dramatic, dark finish unique to this system.”

There are focal headphones too in a new finish. Both Bentley special editions.



Any idea what the premium over a standard Mu-So is?

£1799. Headphones £1199

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Very nice.

Naim, I think that’s the worst photography you’ve ever had done. Can’t see a thing and definitely can’t see any wood finish.


Does the Muso 2 have headphone output? The thing I most dislike about our original Muso. Nothing like having a $1k plus soundbar in the bedroom and then having to listen with headphones through the Roku remote. Big fail on Naim’s part.

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Available at selected retailers - which could mean Jack Barclay and other Bentley dealers?

I went in to buy a Mu-So and came out with a Continental GT, with a Naim system upgrade - as if :smile:


And there was I thinking what a lovely photo that is.

Great choice of colour palette, excellent lighting, hinting, (teasing) at features such as the wood at the back of the product. The light on the control panel and the logo are bright enough to be obvious, but not overpowering in any way. Placement of the Muso within the frame is very good, with the headphones at a jaunty angle to it.

Again on the headphones, some highlights being hinted at. Lots of space above the products which keeps your eye on the products instead of wandering off.

When looking at a photo, there is a tendency for the eye to drift out of frame to the right (perhaps because we read from left to right), and the lighting coming in rom the right pushes our eyes back in to the frame.

I think practically every aspect of this image has been carefully thought out and well executed.

However, I respect your opinion and your rights not to like it.


1799 pounds

The Naim for Bentley Carbon edition next ?

Maybe a Mansory version for next April :open_mouth:

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Agreed, I wouldn’t expect to get paid for that.

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As a still life it is a good photograph and I like it. However, as an example product photography, which I assume it is intended to be, I would say could do better.


The photograph is surely about understated aspirations rather than a technical expose and as such it does it’s job.

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Thought the same thing when I received the email this morning, I couldn’t work out where the wood finish was.

No need to cringe.

The Bentley and Naim relationship is now well into its second decade and it has resulted in what are unquestionably the very best in-car music systems available. Oh, and the cars are rather lovely too…

There are plenty of parallels between the two marques - Both with founders who raced cars when young and were steeped in a love of good engineering; Both companies have performance and an unparalleled user experience as their top priority; Both building their products in Britain in long established factories; Both with a high proportion of building and crafting by hand; Both with many staff who have worked with the company for a lifetime; Both with a passionate and very loyal customer base… I could go on, but you get the idea.


Isn’t the Muso made in China?

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The wood is top and sides. Back panel looks to me like copper, it is the heatsink after all. Front grill is material flecked with copper thread if I understand correctly.

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Yes, but the muso isn’t for Bentley, it’s for your house. I would never buy anything with Bentley on it. They are ridiculous cars, totally inappropriate for the modern world. If Naim want to work with Bentley that’s fine, but keep Naim for Bentley where it belongs, in the cars.


Yes, it couldn’t be built in the Naim factory - not enough space and would have been too expensive anyway - so build is contracted to a factory in China with Naim oversight. All the rest though is made in Salisbury.

HH, it’s part of the luxury brand business and it’s also a way for Bentley dealers to be able to offer added value to their customers and to reaffirm the partnership between Bentley and Naim. And it’s a great introduction to Naim for customers with a great deal of spending power who may never have walked into a specialist hifi shop in their lives, or heard of Naim Audio, but who do know Bentley.

However, there is also very important connection between the Mu-So and Bentley that you may have forgotten or overlooked; the Mu-So came about thanks to the work Naim did developing the Naim for Bentley in car system. What they learned developing the DSP for the in car system helped in making the Mu-So give such a big system sound from such a small box. So I think it’s rather appropriate for there to be special Naim for Bentley Mu-Sos.